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Kirk Chronicle - Attacks on Västeras

Shocking news from Vendel's second city


The port of Västeras came under attack last night as a group of Vesten raiders attacked killing 24 residents. The quick response of the city guard helped the repel the attack preventing the tragedy becoming worse. Witness mentioned the bravery of some locals who helped the guards push back the murderous raiders including one Vestenmannavnjar warrior who fought alongside the guards.

Sadly the attack on the port wasn’t the only loss of life in Västeras last night. Oddi’s Print works was burned to the ground killing Printer’s Guild member and league seat Jans Oddi along with forty dedicated members of staff. The guard have refused to comment on whether the fire was accidental or malicious.


All exports and imports to Ussura have been put on hold by the order of Allen Trel as a group of sea serpents have infested the trade route attacking all ships. The Sailor’s Guild have promised to re-open the trade route as soon as possible and the Merchant’s Guild are arranging temporary shipping methods through Eisen.


George Skard has announced that he intends to be the first ever Vendel League chair to attend the annual althing in Thingvallavatn.
The Master of the Brewers Guild hopes his presence can help alleviate tensions or at the very least the Vesten Jarls will enjoy the several hundred barrels of beer he plans to bring with him.

Tala Jónsdóttir has been appointed as the new head of the Alchemist’s Guild following the sudden resignation of Master Jans Ulkopf.


Linnae Knute has announced he has plans for a small tournament in Kirk to allow warriors from across Theah the chance to prove themselves.


The Grumfather Cycle. The Living Myth of Vestenmannavnjar is to published for the first time by historian Bens Postma


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