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Crime report
The recent devastating attack on our fair cities dock has yet to receive an official explanation with Lord Sheriff Ivar Dags refusing to comment on the investigation.

Members of the Sailors Guild who were hit hardest by this tragedy are laying the blame squarely at the hands of Vodacce merchants. Claiming that such loss of life can only be attributed to the vile poisons preferred by the merchant princes.

In trade
Val Mokk has recently made a huge step forward in improving relations with our Vesten cousins by donating an important cultural artefact to the Skjæren of the Aarensfolk. The Merchants guild hope this gesture will help quell the recent escalation in raiding.

In fashion
Master Anders Noval has not let his injury impede his fashion sense as he has recently been seen wearing an eye patch crafted by the Tailor guilds Amity Neveu. Master Noval says the patch was a moving gift from Mistress Neveu which he will proudly wear till his wound has sufficiently healed.


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