The Adventurer's Guild

Kirk Chronicle - business as usual?

why acknowledge myth?


Sheriff Dags has no official comment on the decline in street crime. Sources from within the Sheriff’s office are happy with there new initiatives though can’t fully explain the cities drop in homeless.


Master Trel of the Sailor’s guild has responded to the recent increase in raider activity by promising that all league Merchant ships will now have a naval escort.
He refused to give any comment on rumours about the recent savage attacks or the alleged valkyrie that leads them.


Joseph Volkers recent party to celebrate the relationship between Vendel and Eisen was a roaring success. Volker promised funds to help rebuild his damaged homeland and honoured the Eisen mercenary captains who helped boost Kirks defence recently. Master Noval of the watchmakers guild made a rare appearance since his accident.

Amity Neveu will be holding the tailors guild annual ball next month. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received an invitation yet. Mistress Neveu hasn’t sent any yet and apparently has a surprise in store for all her guests.


The Sailor’s Guild new Flagship “Progress” will have its launch ceremony at the end of the week. Master Trel believes the mere sight of it will cause any smart raiders to run.


Boli Kollssons school has shut it doors while it is undergoing refurbishment. During this time Kollson will be taking a well deserved break two of his senior students will be dealing with the school’s business in the interim and working out of the carpenters guild building.


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