The Adventurer's Guild

Kirk Chronicle - Failed Inquisition Plot

Religious extremists foiled


Member of the Vaticine Inquisition sought to use St Simon’s as a place to spread their violent campaign of madness across Kirk.
Thankfully due to the actions of the Kirk guard and a few concerned citizens their plot was foiled before it could begin.
One of the inquisitors survived and is set to go on trial this week.


The new head of the Alchemist’s Guild Tala Jónsdóttir has been turning heads with her arrival in the league and keen fashion sense. this week however she showed her generous side by offering to pay for all the damage done to St Simon’s by the Inquisition.


Master Knute’s open tournament is set to begin this month. Linnae has confirmed that swordsman guild membership is not required but that master swordsmen are forbidden from taking part in the tournament.


Master Noval has denied plans to open new stores. The master watchmaker has stated that more stores will not help them keep up with the increasing demand but that he was working hard to train new apprentices to hopefully lower the waiting list for Kellos-Noval timepieces under 6 months.


The Explorer’s Society have praised the efforts of the 12 members that were killed in last weeks violent robbery.
Their bravery prevented the rarest and most precious of works falling into the hands of criminals.


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