The Adventurer's Guild

Kirk Chronicle - Martial Law declared

Blood on the streets

The Vendel League have declared a state of Martial Law in Kirk following the death of Magnus Desaux du Montaigne.
Magnus was a guest at Linnae Knute’s tournament of potential. The tournament came to an abrupt end when Magnus was shot in the back.
Sources from within the Town Guard have confirmed that one of Erl Rasmussens students is suspected of the murder.

Tensions between the Swordsman’s Guild and the Rasmussen School have always been high in Kirk.
After the murder of the Swordsman Guilds founder sources within both organisations are fearing all-out war on the streets of Kirk.

Throughout the day small fights broke out across the city with Swordsmen and Pistoleers filling Kirks jails and hospitals. There were no more deaths till a group of Rasmussen attacked the head of the Razors Alvhilde Saukkosdottir af Skadesfolk. Miss Saukkosdottir is recovering from her injuries but her assailants were killed.

Sailor’s guild marines and hired mercenaries have been deputised by the town guard to help prevent any escalation of violence.


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