The Adventurer's Guild

Kirk Chronicle - War on the Horizon?

Emergency vote called


Master Trel of the Sailor’s guild is demanding the full support of the League to take the fight to the raiders after the horrific events in Västeras. Trel is demanding that the invasion of Västeras be matched with overwhelming force.
Master Trel has a lot of support but many in the League including Val Mokk are wary of war.


The Usury Guild is in disarray after one of its senior members Peter Vel resigned unexpectedly. Vel was a financial institution in Kirk owning one of the largest loan companies in Vendel.
Vel’s shock retirement has also come with the closure of his business and all debts being cancelled.
Master Red while shocked by the announcement has said a sudden burst of wealth among the poorest is great for the economy.


Sheriff Dags has refused to comment on the increase in violent street crime. Sources within the sheriffs office have stated that the people are scared and lashing out.


All merchant ships are stuck in port as the Sailors Guild refuse to provide naval escort till the vote on action against the Vesten takes place.


No invites have been spotted for the Tailor’s Guild annual ball. Mistress Neveu is keeping things very secretive for now though she was happy to see that masks were becoming this seasons must have accessory.


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