The Adventurer's Guild

The Great White Bear

The twilight the Procurer's Guild

Typ Kopman finally made his approach. Almost two years since he decided that my network was essential to his plans he finally sent his brave adventurers to recruit me.

Typ is a good man and truly believes in what he was doing but I doubted he would have the stomach to do what was needed to save Kirk from monsters. The truth is he doesn’t but he has men in his employ who do.

The Procurer’s Guild have been scavenging outside of the Jenny’s Guild for years, brutalising children all for the sake of money.
Scavengers was all they would ever be. The Bear of Breslau threatened to change that and make them a force capable of taking on Mistress Weller.

I knew the conditions he kept his girls in throughout Ussura I was not going to let that happen to the children of Kirk.

So I sent the Adventurers Guild without knowing what numbers to face or the true extent of the Bears ability. I acted rashly and a good man almost died, had I waited much worse would have happened. My job now will be getting Typ to understand this.

The good news is that Gerald is making a quick recovery. Perhaps the rumour about Ralph Høstsen is true after all.


JayDGee JayDGee

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