The Adventurer's Guild

The Kings Speech (Vendel League)

The Humble High King

My name is Gjæving Asbjornsson, I am the High King of the Vestenmannavnjar and I am aware how little that title means to many of you gathered here today.
I come before you today not to claim sovereignty, instead I come to join you.
I have recently joined a guild and even acquired a seat.

The guilds of the Vendel League have always looked forward, you have helped shape the destiny of Theah and made other nations fear aggression against our home more than any High King, Jarl or raider fleet ever did. Through commerce you have ensured peace and that should be commended.

Now however you face a foe you do not understand. An enemy of the past who cares not for money, who can’t be negotiated with and is only interested in our complete subjection.

The Great Wyrm is real. Its power is overwhelming and it hates all of us. Every time it has come for us we have pushed it back as a united people. The Wyrm attacks now for we are a fractured people. The Norvik islands have never seemed more far apart than they are now.

The divide between the Vendel and the Vestenmannavnjar has harmed every man and woman gathered here today. Our families have been torn between tradition and progress.
We have all lost. Perhaps too much damage has been done for us to be one people again.

Hjalmar has fallen and soon the rest of Viddenheim will fall with it. Your more traditional cousins are fighting the Wyrms forces to buy all of us time to make our attack.

I beg all of you gathered here today to not let those brave men and women die for nothing.
The Vendel and the Vestenmannavnjar as enemies cannot survive. Together we have a chance.

Please do what you do best and look forward. Look toward a future of peace between our people and the nightmares of our past forever laid to rest.

I have a plan to rid our people of the Great Wyrm if you are willing to listen.


JayDGee JayDGee

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