The Adventurer's Guild

The Rum Barrell - Murderers Roam Free in Kirk

Front page of the latest issue

Under the pretence of peace but in the name of profit Murder has been deemed legal in the streets of Kirk.

To maintain the status quo and to keep the wheels of capitalism moving Val Mokk has declared an amnesty on all crimes committed since the assassination of Magnus Desaux du Montaigne.

The Montaigne nobleman was of course avenged by the gallows but what of the people of Kirk whose lives were damaged by the madness caused by the Swordsman’s Guilds entitled thugs and the Merchant’s Guilds hired goons.

What about the murder of Erl Rasmussen by the hands of the swordsman’s guild chief assassin.

The simple answer it would delay trade and inconvenience the wealthy too much.
Guilders must flow and the peoples health and safety are secondary concerns at best. Mokk has proven this today.


JayDGee JayDGee

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