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Rune of Wealth?

“As the Vesten slowly became the Vendel my power slowly changed. No longer a symbol for wealth of knowledge but for monetary wealth. Greed became the motivation behind the use of my power and I changed with it.
We are all slaves to our power we are all corrupted by it. As Krieg became an avatar of violence, I became an avatar of greed.
The only way I could be free of it was a drastic measure. I had to make sure no-one knew my laird. Through my greed I could engineer the war. I could escalate it to ensure devastation. I would doom us all to be forgotten. To be free.

Now my mind is clear again. I can see the madness of these last twenty years. I can see that something far worse than me is happy with these events.

Five of the living runes are dead, more lost. Our people are divided and dedicated to destroying each other. The Great Wyrm is returning. There is nothing that can hold it back now. No tricks to deceive. No power to wound it. We die or live as slaves.

All because I was blinded by greed."


JayDGee JayDGee

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