The Adventurer's Guild

Vote for Sanctioning - The Adventurers Guild

Official notes from the Chairs meeting

For months now there have been reports of individuals acting in secret to help the people of Kirk.
Whether it was chasing pimps out of the city, preventing assassinations or facing off against the Inquisition. These heroes have acted to make our streets safer for all.

Master Typ Kopman is responsible for this Adventurers Guild and has so far run it in secret to protect its members. In the face of increasing danger to our society the time for secrecy is at an end.

Today the chairs of the Vendel League gather to vote on whether the Adventurers Guild should be sanctioned or forced to disband.


Abstain – Eladio Ballesteros & Joseph Volker

Disband – Joris Brak & Red

Sanction – Val Mokk, Sela Cole, Allen Trel, Lorraine Weller & George Skard

With a majority vote the chairs have voted to officially sanction the Adventurers Guild.

The vote will now pass to the Seats of the Vendel League a majority vote there will make the adventurers guild an official part of the Vendel League.


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