The Adventurer's Guild

Will of Sodermanvarman

No peaceful rest

My name is Toril Sorgsdottir I have told the tale of Sodermanvarman for many years.
Of the horrible actions of the Vendel League and the maddened reaction of the Jarls.
How the abhorrent actions of a few almost brought our people to war.

I travelled and spoke to members of each tribe and any Vendel who would listen.
I hoped Sodermanvarman could be a cautionary tale of how close we came to destruction.

An old woman approached me and told me about the spirits of Sodermanvarman.
How they were trapped forever reliving the pain and panic of the attack.
Then she told me she knew how to free them but no longer had the strength herself.

She gave me the stone.
On the boat I felt like a fool tricked by an old woman to take a pebble to a grave yard then when I arrived I felt its power.

The next thing I remember is being carried you.


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