Allen Trel

Master of the Sailor's Guild


Now in his fifties, Trel retains much of the energy of his youth. He works tirelessly, sometimes as many as twelve hours a day. He is a regular traveler around the coast villages of Soroya and Klørbulg, searching for Vesten navigators he can speak to — this activity has also taught him much about naval combat, as many Vesten navigators choose to speak to him via attack. Still, he continues his outreach to those Vesten he feels he has the most in common with, and looks forward to the day when his efforts finally bear fruit… when Vesten and Vendel alike will come together and face the seas as one.


Arvor Troelsen was born to a grizzled old topman with few teeth and fewer inhibitions. His father spent nearly all his time at sea, but when he came home he was a maelstrom of tall tales and liquor. Little Arvor was enchanted, and went to sea at the earliest opportunity, lying about his age so he could get a position as a cabin boy.

The captain soon saw the intelligence in the lad, and apprenticed him to the ship’s navigator, a renegade Vesten who called himself Thorhallur af Stjernasfolk. Thorhallur could plot routes no one had considered, and brought the captain fantastic success with his abilities. Thorhallur also met with much hostility from the predominantly Vendel crew. When Arvor questioned him, Thorhallur smiled grimly and said, “They can’t stomach that I’m better.”

Under Thorhallur’s tutelage, Arvor became a top-notch navigator. Thorhallur also taught the boy about the ways of the Vesten. Arvor dreamed some nights of prowling the sea lanes in a longship full of raiders, fighting bravely and doing great things. As he grew older he moved from ship to ship, improving his navigational skills and learning every other aspect of sailing and shipbuilding. His rank in the Sailing Guild rose (prompting him to adopt the name Allen Trel), and by the time he turned 35 he was among the top five navigators in Vendel.

His position took up a great deal of time, but he never forgot those tales of bravado his father told, nor the tales of adventure and greatness he heard from Thorhallur. He knew the Vesten possessed navigational skills and secrets that, if applied broadly, could revolutionize Vendel sailing.

He decided that the best way to bring the Vesten into line with the Vendel future was to respect them. He resolved to treat them as one would a revered old grandfather, using their knowledge as a guide instead of an obstacle.

Trel became a leading voice within the Sailing Guild for closer ties to the Vesten sailors. He went on expeditions to find Vesten navigators who would teach others their brand of the craft. He taught symposiums on Vesten sailing techniques based on his expeditions. He made friends and enemies on both sides of the Vendel/Vesten divide (and has never been afraid to fight either one should it come to that), but remained secure in his belief that sailing — the common thread of their heritage — could bring his people together.

Perhaps because of his skills, and perhaps because of his adopted position as sailing ambassador to the Vesten, then Guildmaster Haakon Vils named Trel as the heir to the Sailing Guild Chair. Trel assumed the Chair ten years ago.

Since his accession to power, Trel has continued his self-imposed mission with the guild’s money. The crowning achievement of this effort is the new Isafjordhur Academy of Navigation. Trel constantly tries to recruit Vesten navigators to teach at the Academy. Though none have agreed, he is convinced his efforts are softening their stand against the Vendel. He dislikes his Council duties, and often performs his governing tasks via Porté messenger from Isafjordhur.

Allen Trel

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