Jarl Alvhilde Saukkosdottir af Skadesfolk

Jarl of the Skadesfolk


Alvhilde has a large powerful yet feminine frame, her long blonde hair is always braided to not get in her way.


Alvhilde was the only member of the Swordsman’s Guild who can claim to be have been taught by both Hrodgeir and Linnae Knute.

Alvhilde once believed she was the greatest master of Leegstra and ventured to Kirk to challenge the great Vendel champion Linnae Knute she was humbled by her loss and sought to improve her skill by training under the man who defeated her.

When the Guild needed to police their own she was appointed as their leader.
Hunting those who defy the laws of the Swordsman’s Guild was a job she took great pride in.

Then one day the guild lost it’s honour in Alvhildes eyes. It bowed to politics instead of standing for justice.
On that day she left the guild and the Vendel League behind and went home and used her strength to reunite her people the Skadesfolk.

Jarl Alvhilde Saukkosdottir af Skadesfolk

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