Boli Kollsson

Vendel Lærdom Teacher


Boli always wears conservative garments, especially those with long sleeves. This is a matter of practicality as opposed to any kind of fashion statement. Both of Boli’s arms sport hideous scars, the lasting marks of his failed attempts to reach Lærdom mastery. He has tried time and again to become one with a rune, and keeps seeing the bitter face of the Lærdom Master he encountered last year. The Skjæren laughingly told him that he would never achieve true power because he had no faith in the gods he served. He refuses to renounce his adamant belief in the Objectionist Church and is desperately searching for some way to prove the
Skjæren wrong. He can often be found in one of his school’s workshops, speaking to himself and working diligently to find a solution.


To the Vendel, Boli Kollsson is a shrewd businessman and a great asset. To the Vestenmannavnjar, he is the worst of traitors, a scourge to Grumfather’s eye. Boli was born a Vendel, raised by loving merchant parents in Kirk. At the onset of puberty, he started seeing things: impossible apparitions just out of his field of vision. When he finally told his parents, they felt it could signal a great talent in Lærdom. After much discussion, they moved him from the bustle of the city to a woodcutter’s cottage: the home of his Vestenmannavnjar grandfather, a Ypperste Priest named Thrand Ulfson. The old man gladly instructed the youth in the ways of Lærdom and the worship of his ancestors. Boli was miserable in his new environment. He yearned for the elegant dress, high culture, and excitement of the city. The woods were dark and oppressive, and he attempted to run away several times. He never made it far. Grandfather always seemed to know where he was going.

A horrible crime finally granted Boli his freedom. He had been sent deep into the forest to contemplate the ancient ways, meditating beside a sacred rock in a grove of hallowed trees. He was gone for just two nights but, when he returned, he found his grandfather savagely murdered. Desperate brigands had forced their way into the cottage, killing the old man and stealing his food and runic staff. Boli grieved, but knew that he could do nothing but return home. The Lærdom skills Thrand had taught him would turn out to be very profitable, but Boli had little use for the spiritual baggage that accompanied them. To the surprise and silent outrage of his parents, he declared himself an Objectionist, stating that Lærdom depended upon a wielder working with inherent characteristics and not any false Vestenmannavnjar gods. As for the ancestors and ghosts he had previously seen, he confessed that they were nothing more than the product of an overactive imagination.

In the years since, Boli gained fame and wealth by providing the Vendel League with sorcerous aid. So firmly has he embraced their ideals that when he at last inherited his grandfather’s lands, he cut down the holy grove of trees to provide timber for Vendel ships, and pulverized the sacred rock for road material. He even tore down the old cottage and replaced it with a Vendel hunting lodge, charging admission for any who wished to use it. He reaped considerable profits from his actions, profits rich enough to buy his way into the Merchant’s Guild as a full member. He had but one thing to sell: Lærdom.

Boli opened a small school in Kirk and now teaches the secrets of rune magic for a nominal fee. All are welcome to attend his classes, and he has produced some very promising students. As a service to the Vendel League, graduating students must inscribe ships with the power to withstand attacks from pirates before receiving their diplomas. Three nights a week, Boli teaches special classes on inscribing weapons and armour. These are considerably more expensive than his day courses, but his students never complain. A few other Lærdom schools have sprung up in Vendel cities, but none have the reputation that Boli’s does. A sizable portion of Boli’s wealth goes towards funding the construction on Lieber’s Cathedral — part of his lobbying effort to have the Objectionist Church confirm that sorcerers are not inherently damned. He has several influential Porté mages backing this goal, and the council of Apostles is starting to listen. (They have probably realized the number of possible converts such a declaration would yield.)

Boli Kollsson

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