Ana María Pastor Bolivar

Castillian big game hunter


Bolivar has no interest in courts or social reputation as such you will never see her in a dress.

She will usually be dressed in practical clothing an old Shield Man coat and occasionally a fur from a recent kill. She is well tanned part from her Catillian heritage and from her frequent trips to the Midnight Archipelago.


Ana María Pastor Bolivar was raised by the explorers society and trained to be a shield man.
While defending Explorers in the Midnight Archipelago she gained a reputation for taking care of the local fauna before it became a threat. This angered some Society Zoologists who wanted to keep more specimens alive.

Bolivar left the society and begun leading hunting parties of nobles through the archipelago.
Her reputation and fee quickly grew.

In her early 30’s she repaired her reputation with the explorers society by capturing a number of rare beasts for study for them, she also sold aspreys to nobility as pets.

Now in her late 30’s Bolivar seeks to make herself known as the greatest hunter in Theah.
She knows of the great beasts across Theah that no-one dares hunt.

They will be her prey now.

Ana María Pastor Bolivar

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