Kirstin Hedegaard

Information Broker


Kirstin carries herself with the confidence of someone who knows everything about the person she talks to.

A tall slim Vendel woman with auburn hair she usually dresses in a manner to hide as many of her features as possible.


“As far as the Vendel League is concerned she is the great collector of secrets. She knows more than myself and master red combined. Truth be told I have relied on her services far too much in the past. I would very much like for her to join the guild but approaching her too early could destroy us. She had a code once. Then her masters used her talent for reprehensible tasks one time too many and she went solo.
I truly believe deep down she is a good person and that within the guild she could do great good for this world.”

- Typ Kopman

Kirstin was once one of the Vendel Leagues greatest assets. As an intelligence operative she helped save the lives of many Vendel and doom even more enemies.

As time went by her loyalty was tested, the jobs she was tasked with began to feel more inspired by greed than the greater good and would endanger those she swore to protect.
Then there came an order she refused and she was arrested. Her handlers raided her files and used her work to commit one of the greatest atrocities in the history of the league.

The Vendel were in a state of shock after the events at Sodermanvarman. Shortly after Kirstin was released her handler was found dead. It looked enough like suicide that no-one asked any questions.

Since then Kirstin has went into business for her self. What started as a collection of street urchins has became the greatest intelligence network in the Vendel isles. She became more mercenary and sold to the highest bidder no matter the cost.

Though deep down Kirstin longed for the days when she did good in the world. She watched the patterns and realised Typ was up to something, the Intel he was gathering wasn’t for profit but to save people.

She knew he would approach her and his resources could care for her network without having to resort to reprehensible work.

So she tested the adventurers. The Bear of Breslau was arriving in Kirk to try and become leader of the Procurer’s Guild her task was simple. Forever remove the threat of the Bear and her resources would become the guilds.

Kirstin Hedegaard

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