Erl Rasmussen

Founder of the Rasmussen School


The gentleman gunman is starting to show his age. He is still lean and fit though his hair is thinning. Much to his dismay he has had to start wearing glasses.


Some Vendel feel that it is not enough to keep up with the current trends; rather, they need to set new ones. They feel that using swords to settle matters of honour has become horribly outdated, and that the newer weapon, the pistol, ought to be the weapon of choice for the new generation.

Erl Rasmussen embodies this philosophy more than any other Vendel and has dedicated his life to mastering the pistol and training others in its use.

He has made an enemy of the Swordsman’s Guild and has so far just managed to avoid blood in the streets of Kirk.

Erl trained Val Mokk in the school in the hope of lowering tension. So far its not working.

Erl Rasmussen

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