Gerald Bouvier

Typ's Bodyguard


A skilled and confident young swordsman.



Typ Kopman is for the most part a beloved and respected figure in the Vendel League.

He is however not an idiot and recognises the need for personal security so he hired the young master swordsman as soon as he finished training with Linnae Knute.


Gerald was born in the Echine region of Montaigne, he was orphaned at age 8 when his parents were stood up to local criminals that had been ripping of merchants in the area.

Typ arranged for mercenaries to remove the gang and set-up a chapter of the merchants guild in Echine to give the local merchants more protection.

When Typ found Gerald he was half dead on the streets and very angry. He tried to attack Typ demanding to know why he hadn’t came earlier to stop his parents dying.

Typ explained it was his parents deaths that let him know of the troubles the Echine merchants were facing. Without their bravery he would never have came.

Typ felt responsible for Gerald and paid for him to go to the finest school in Montaigne when Gerald graduated he sought out Typ and asked him how he could help him.

Gerald was the first person that Typ explained the concept of the Adventurers guild to. Gerald decided he would be the first champion for the guild and that training as a swordsman would be the best way to help.

Typ happily accepted his membership and called in a favour and arranged for Gerald to be trained by Linnae Knute.

Gerald Bouvier

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