Legendary Leegstra Master


Hrodgeir is a huge figure of a man, standing 6’6” and almost as wide as he is tall. He has a huge mane of graying hair and a bushy beard. Despite that, Hrodgeir is of indeterminate age. He appears to be in his 50’s, but his face lacks the lines of age and he moves with the grace and agility of a far younger man. Hrodgeir dresses in scuffed Vesten warrior garb, of a style some hundred years out of date. He always carries a Vesten battle axe in his hands, either to demonstrate a move or to drive home a point with a student via a quick rap of the handle.


Hrodgeir has no known family name and no one claims him as kin. Vestenmannavnjar oral histories make scant mention of him, though references to him, or someone skilled in Leegstra bearing the same name and general appearance, date back millennia. Some still living remember Hrodgeir as a man they encountered 50 years ago, no different now as he was then. Some believe he may be one of the Living Runes. Hrodgeir refuses to answer any inquiries about his background. He only answers questions relevant to Leegstra. A skilled skald, he often expresses himself with riddles and examples from ancient stories. He has no friends and fights for no cause.

Despite that, he is a respected warrior. Hrodgeir will happily pit himself against anyone who challenges him. To this day he remains undefeated. Hrodgeir never leaves his cave on a mountain on Viddenheim near Tårn. While some Leegstra teacher-champions venture forth to champion a cause, Hrodgeir never does so. He refuses to take sides with the Vesten against the Vendel, and teaches anyone who comes to him. A few dared to accuse him of being a Vendel sympathizer: Hrodgeir responds by beating them senseless and then letting them explain their mistake to others. He doesn’t kill unless he absolutely has to, but sometimes he must.


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