Ivar Dags

Lord Sheriff of Kirk


Ivar is below average height with a stocky build. He is almost always in his guard uniform and recently took to shaving his head in response to a receding hairline.


Ivar prides himself on having the most efficient city guardsmen in the world. Swordsmen from all over the world compromise his forces, and he works hand–in–hand with the Swordsman’s Guild to ensure that the streets of Kirk remain peaceful and quiet. Rumours of corruption among his men trouble him (he has begun an internal investigation to clean up the rampant bribery), but his efforts gave Kirk a reputation as the safest city in the world.

Instances of civil unrest are slowly becoming more frequent in Kirk: arson, public disobedience, even a few assassinations. The worst came just one year ago, when Master Gunther Soloman of the Usury Guild was murdered at a costume ball.

Dags has yet to find the killer, a failure which eats at him to this day. Most Vendel ascribe these criminal acts to unhappy Vesten, but Dags believes that they are more than simple savages. He suspects that a band of sophisticated political malcontents are operating in the city, and has dedicated a team of guardsmen to tracking them down.

Dags may not have found the Assassin of Gunther Soloman yet but he believes the same group that organised it trained and supplied Asger Gaidarsson for the attempt on Allen Trel.

Ivar Dags

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