Knarr Colbjorsson af Larsfolk

A freed man out for revenge


A large Vesten warrior who was once wild and angry.

Since being used by the Nyrna he is much calmer waiting till the day he can pay them back.


Once Knarr was religiously devoted to the Vesten struggle. He wanted the Vendel to pay for their crimes and would fight the sailors guild at every opportunity.

Then an old woman offered him the chance to destroy his enemies and he took it.
Knarr did horrible things while controlled by Nyrna Stone of Strength.

Once freed he pledged himself to the Adventurers Guild and the destruction of the Nyrna.

He never lived to see the Nyrna pay. His actions did help the guild kill the Nyrna Dyr.

Knarr Colbjorsson af Larsfolk

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