Typ Kopman



“Kirk is a city of opportunity.
A city where you arrive with nothing and through hard work and ingenuity become richer than the Jarls you fled.
For the fortunate few this is true. Self-made Vendel walk through these streets like Kings and Queens, masters of their own destiny.
What about everyone else?
What about those that arrive with hope only to find exploitation and greed? Freed from the Jarls to be enslaved by the guilder.
Kirk is a city of opportunity. An opportunity we should take to improve the lives of all.”

Typ is in his 50’s but is ageing gracefully. He dresses well as his station demands.

Typ is a patron of the Explorers Society and the Rose and Cross and will wear their pins depending on the function he is attending.

After being a patron of the Swordsmans Guild for years Linnae Knute convinced him to take up the sword himself and he is now an apprentice of the Swanson school. He now proudly displays his bronze pin while walking the streets of Kirk with his sword cane. The pin and the cane are mostly for show he has his bodyguard Gerald Bouvier for any actual duels.


As a boy Kopman went to Kirk to backbreaking expected of him by a Jarl. He found his way onto a merchant ship where his natural talent for negotiation was noticed and he was made quartermaster. After that the ships profits doubled and the Merchants Guild hired Kopman but only after he had agreed compensation for the Captain who saw his potential.

Within the merchant guild Typ settled down and got married and lived the life of a member of the league. He made his name negotiating deals with the other guilds. His charisma and business acumen helped him create deals that benefited everyone and allowed him to make quite a bit of money at the same time.

Typ’s wife died in labour along with the boy that would have been their first child. After this he left his roll as a negotiator with the guild and has spent his time and money purchasing failing businesses turning them around and selling them on. He has been so successful at this that he has been able to purchase a Vendel League seat of his own.

Typ is now getting older and is considering his legacy. He refuses to remarry and has never taken on an apprentice. He has more money than he will ever spend in his lifetime, he has friends and contacts all across the business world. So he’s decide to use all his resources to make his home a better place if not the rest of Theah.
Typ Kopman has turned his attention to philanthropy and is encouraging the wealthy of Vendel league to do the same.

Typ Kopman

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