Lilja Rakelsdottir af Handelsfolk

Vestenmannavnjar Smith


Wild haired tomboy who is usually dressed for her craft


Lilja claims she was born to work metal.
After years of being the greatest smith among her village, Lilja was shown the work of a Vendel smith.
The blade lacked the care of an artisan like herself but the quality of the metal was far above anything she had ever worked with.
The decision was simple she had to find out how this was made which led her to Sela Cole.

This led to a great friendship and exchange of knowledge between Vendel and Vesten craftsmen. Then four months ago Sela became the head of the Blacksmith Guild leaving Lilja without direction.

She has considered heading back to her village with what she has learned but doesn’t want to leave Sela alone.

Lilja Rakelsdottir af Handelsfolk

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