Linnae Knute

Master of the Swordsman's Guild


Linnae displays an uncanny knack for obtaining obscure Schools. He knows both Bogatyr and Villanova, something that no other known swordsman in Théah has accomplished.
Most attribute his success to a glib tongue, which Knute wields quite effectively when he puts his mind to it. Linnae is also the “head” of the Eisenfaust School, since Imperator Reifenstahl turned that duty over to him just before the end of the War of the Cross. Despite his age, Linnae does not appear overwhelmed by his responsibilities.

He continues to travel and fight as well as a man half his age. Linnae is a handsome Vendel in his early 40’s, with flowing blonde hair and a moustache. More then one person has commented on his resemblance to Jeremiah Berek. However, Linnae is a bit taller, wears his hair somewhat shorter, favours a less pointed style of beard, and has green eyes rather then blue. He’s also several years older than Berek, and Linnae’s one vanity is that he dyes his hair to avoid encroaching signs of age.

He wears modest Vendel garb, eschewing the more expensive styles. He is a social chameleon, able to change from smooth diplomacy when trying to convince the Gaius to accept the Guild, to thunderous rage when dealing with a rogue Swordsman.


Linnae was born the third child of a large family. His father was a Vendel merchant and his mother, Monique Knute, one of Eisen most famous swordsmen. Despite (or perhaps because of) her gender, Monique had mastered several Schools and even the Imperator knew of her skills. Among her children only Linnae displayed any real talent for the sword, but he seemed to make up for his siblings’ deficiencies. Linnae soon showed he could rapidly assimilate and master multiple skills.

Not only was he a polyglot, speaking 5 languages by the age of 8, but he soon learned multiple professions as well. By the age of 10 he could best men in Kirk twice his age, had learned his way around the Vendel courts, and had enough knowledge to become a licensed doctor.

It was then that tragedy struck. Between visits to her family Monique travelled to Montaigne and Eisen to sell her sword. She had challenged an offending Montaigne noble to a duel, but rather than fight her he hired men to shoot her down from concealment. Linnae swore to avenge her. It took two years, but at the age of 12 he killed the noble after extracting the names of the men he had hired. He then tracked down those men and killed them as well.

The experience impressed upon Linnae the fact that whatever noble purpose duelling once served, it had regressed to the point of slaughter. He swore to restore honour to the art, and soon found a new friend to help him: Magnus Desaux du Montaigne. Magnus had been an enemy of the noble who killed Monique, and had surreptitiously helped Linnae in his quest for vengeance. When he heard about Linnae’s new quest, Magnus offered to assist him in his goal. The Montaigne mentored the boy, and suggested that he gain some influence in Eisen as part of their long-term goal to create the Guild. Linnae travelled to Eisen, mastered the Eisenfaust style, and opened a school dedicated to its instruction. The Eisen, rarely impressed by outsiders, were amazed that Knute could best so many of them in their own national style of fighting.

Finally, in 1644 the time was right. Linnae approached the Vendel League with Magnus’ plans for a new Guild. Seeing it as a sign of progress, the League agreed to accept it as long as Linnae himself represented them. Linnae also negotiated secretly with Imperator Reifenstahl, making sure that he signed as well. Finally the Guild came into existence in 1644, with Linnae as one of its core inner council essentially representing both Vendel and Eisen.

Since that time, Linnae has become one of the most feared fighters in Théah. His services are in great demand, and he has opened private schools in Charouse, Gottkirchen, and Carleon. Recently he reopened his personal fencing academy in Kirk, identifying it as a “Guild academy” rather than a “Knute academy.” It was immediately swamped with membership applications. Knute teaches classes whenever he cans, but rarely stays at any school for more then one week out of eight. The rest of his time he either tends to Guild business at Kirk, or travels the lands accumulating more fighting skills.

Linnae Knute

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