A young Hero unaware of the Legend he is creating.


Name: Lockhart
Nationality: Avalonian- Highland Marches
Society: Adventures’ Guild
Arcana: Reckless
Background: Obligation (3)
Advantages: Sidhe Blood (Gifts, Child of the Sky & Keen Senses) Legendary Trait Panache, Showmanship & Citation
Languages: Avalonian / Vendel / Thean
Ability: Glamour Mage
Reputation: 65

XP: current:

Brawn: 2
Finesse: 4
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3
Panache: 3

Sorcery Glamour
Mad Jack O’Bannon: 4
Red Cap: 4
Jack: 4
The Stone Knight: 4
Thomas: 4
(Mastery: 2 Adept)

School: Boucher
Double Attack (Knife) 2
Double Parry (Knife) 2
Riposte (Knife) 3
Exploit Weakness (Boucher) 1
(Mastery: 1 Apprentice)

School: Gelingen
Beasts 5
Undead 1
(Mastery: 0)

Knife: Attack 4/ Parry 4/ Throwing 3
Knowledge: magic Lore 5
Athlete: climbing 2/ footwork 3/ sprinting 1/ throwing 1
Acrobatics: Footwork 3/ Leaping 1/ Balance 2/ Break fall 1
Criminal: Slight of hand 2/ Gambling 1/ Shadowing 2/ Lock picking 1/ Stealth 3
Guide: Street navigation 3/ Ride 1/ Climbing 2
Street wise: Socialising 1/ street Navigation 3/
Urchin: Stealth 3/ Survival 1/ Street Navigation 1
Spy: stealth 3/ Shadowing 2

Equipment The Twin Horns of Brummaget, Belt of throwing knives & Lock picking set.


Lockhart’s Background Work in Progress

So here I ‘am on the deck of this ship staring out to the Horizon at the slowly growing speck of brown. There is where I will try and start anew. Hopefully. “Heyo. Well if it isn’t my favourite Run-away” Ah the boisterous bellows of a happy go lucky sailor. A man from the Highlands like myself. Angus is one of the few people on the ship I got along with, they didn’t like me after a couple of card tricks during our games. He took a place next to me on the railing. “Well laddie by this time tomorrow you will be on land and I will be at sea again. You sure you don’t want to tell me this Fascinating tale of yours?” I took a seat on the Railing “Come on Angus you have asked me this every day since I got on this bloody boat. It’s not that Interesting really.” He gave me a look of mirth “Locky you’re a terrible liar. Now Spill it” No way I was getting away from it this time Angus was a persistent bastard that the best of times and a terrible Gossip I let out a sigh “Fine, fine. you win. Right well it all started with a gift…”

I was in the Sleepy Town of Galloway Plying my trade on the Locals, when the show was over I was making sure that I was getting my Donations. When I was confronted by one of the most beautiful Women I have ever seen. Burning red hair like the Setting Sun, Sparkling Emerald Green Eyes that shone in the light and the fairest skin you would ever see. She called me over and when I was standing across from her before for I could say anything smart or stupid she said “I just wanted to complement you on an excellent show, not seen some decent tricks like that for a while.” With the Best fake hurt and shock I could muster “My dear lady Tricks? Decent? Surely it was the best magic you have seen in your life?” that got a bit of a laugh out of her. “Magic you say? True I guess you could call it that. Especially your last trick. The “disappearing Coin Purse” is a Magicians first spell isn’t it?” Shite didn’t think anyone would have noticed in such a rural town. In the bigger cities maybe but not here. Better apologise give her money back and run. “My apologises. I would clearly never steal from such a pretty miss as you. Here take what is yours and call it even” the Women examined the purse i gave here and throw it back to me with a smile she said “Keep it as a gift from me to you” Damn it this situation is only getting worse. I followed the woman as she left, I called out “Pretty miss It would be poor manners for me to be indebted to you. This there any way I can repay you kindness and make up for my stupidity?” still with a bright smile on her face the women just look at me for a moment then laughed. “My dear boy if you are really serious about returning the favour meet me tomorrow morning on the hill just outside the village.” With that she left disappearing in the crowd practically vanishing. With a familiar tingle in the air making the hairs on the back of my neck rise I knew I got myself into a really difficult situation.

The Walk through the Woods was nice and Peaceful, the only sounds was that of the Song birds chirping and tweeting to one another. The light that was able to find its way through the canopy of leaves above made the forest pleasantly warm. Clearing the treeline I was greeted with a meadow in full bloom of flowers, in the centre of the meadow was the hill where I was too meet my date.
The walk to the top of the hill was hard and with the summer heat worse. I wiped perspiration of my brow with the back of my hand. There sitting on a blanket with a small basket was the red hair beauty I was indebted too –My blood was compelling me to repay the favour- I walked over and said “May I take a seat pretty miss?” With a bright and warm smile She answered “But of course my boy.” Once seated I could see the manor of a minor noble in the highlands a one Mr. McDonald. She Continued “See that manor over there?” I nodded “We need to get in there and steal something of mines” Oh dear this favour is going to end badly “Pretty miss surely you don’t think we can, I’m a cutpurse but no thief. I may be able gifted with sleight of hand but not theft of property.” With that she laughed she seemed rather amused by the statement finally she stopped and replied with “My boy I don’t need your skills I have more than enough, what I want is you gifts” still with that warm and beautiful smile on her face trying to reassure me but in those Emerald eyes I could see something there that made every fibre of my rational being shout Run! But for some reason my heart was telling me it was the right thing to help and this may be my place in life. Conflicted to say the least I decided I would help her with this little escaped –I had too- then I would see after that if it was too dangerous I would call it a day and leave her to the rest of her business, but if it was something more something I could get behind why not join her. “Well then my boy you going to join me for some fun?” she asked. That got a chuckle out of me “I will help you with this bit of ‘fun’ then… I don’t know. still deciding.” I Replied “Well then the first part of the fun is figuring out the best time to do it”

For the next couple of hours we sat on the hill and watched McDonald’s Manor. The manor was small compared to the other manors of the rich and powerful. He had a wall around his property with two towers at the north and south sides where the gates to the manor were located. I could spot only half a dozen guards wondering the property at any given time, the Pretty miss seemed to agree. We had plenty of cover to make our approach, for this time of the year the meadow had tall grass and many blooming flowers so getting close to the wall should be easy. Once up and over the wall we had plenty of groomed hedges and flower beds we could hid behind. Inside the manor was a totally different story but pretty miss didn’t seem too worried about inside the manor.

Once the sun had set and night was upon us she stood up packed up the blanket in the basket and stored it near a pile of rocks properly to be retrieved later. We set off for the wall at a crouch with the grass just high enough to hide us. We arrived at the wall with any signs of being spotted. The pretty miss turned to me and said “My Boy, you wouldn’t be a dear and give a boost would you? And no peaking” she said the last with a mocking laugh. But with no other option I put out my hands and braced my back against the wall. “On a count of 3” I said “1…2…3” and with a strong push she was atop the wall. A few quite moments later “all clear no guards around just yet. Must be supper” she whispered and she leaned down and gave me a hand up. That this moment I found out again that this women was more than she seemed, I hardly had to pull myself up she was far stronger than she looked. Joining her on the wall I saw that the grounds where deserted the only men I could see was the guard in the gate house sound asleep. A quick hop down and we were behind a hedge that ran across the out the West wall all the way to the manors’. We stalked towards the manor keeping close to the hedge for cover. The next problem we faced in our ‘fun’ was the short dash between the hedge and the manor it’s self what made it worse was a window was looking directly out at us. Anybody who walked passed could see us. That didn’t deter the pretty miss in the slightest with all the confidence in the world just walked for the hedge along the wall and to the side door on the manor, Honesty with that swagger of hers anyone looking would think she was the lady of the house or the mistress of the lord at least. With no other option I ran after her hoping no one passed the window while I did. At the side door the Pretty miss leaned down and produced to lengths of metal and went to work on the lock, couple of seconds later likes she had used the key the door was open.

We found ourselves in what looked like a pantry with large wooden frames assembled and loading at first glance food and other supplies of the sort with two other doors leading further into the house one dead a head the other to the right. Pretty miss checked the one dead ahead while I checked the right. Before I got to the door I knew this lead to the kitchen as the orders of the house hold cook thundered as servants worked to get the lords supper ready. As I started to back away and head towards the other door, a slow and eerie creak came from behind me, looking over my shoulder I saw a servant boy carrying a large box push backwards into the pantry, with his back still partially to me, which gave me enough time to crawl behind a box. The crate was far too small to hide me and I’m not a very big guy to begin with tucking my legs to my chin and covering the back of my head with my arms. I could feel the tingle of my gifts at work and the Servant I was damn sure was getting something out of the box I was hiding behind but I couldn’t look and check because that would break the power. Several nerve racking seconds later the boy was gone and back into the kitchen, several more seconds before I deemed it safe to come on and poke my head out. Coming around the shelf to the second door the Pretty miss was nimbly dropping down from the top of a shelf. “I knew I choose a good partner” She said with her every present smile “this is not the sort of thing I enjoy doing so if we could hurry this along I would much appreciate it” I answered barely keeping my irritation in check.

Passing through the second door we entered into a large foyer with a large oaken staircase in the centre leading up into the second floor. the room was symmetrical in its design with doors on the opposite end, the room was decorated with tall trimmed Rose bushes at the windows and the bottom of the staircase. What incredible Luck here we are in the centre of the house and not a bloody souls to be seen or to see us in fact. Without a care in the world the pretty miss sauntered up the stairs like she owned the place.

Up the Stairs the Balcony had 3 doors one to the left, right and a great double door dead ahead. I could hear the murmuring of voices on the other side of the double doors it seemed to be a party of sorts. If that was the case it explained the lack of servants roaming the halls they would all be in there see into the guests. The Pretty miss went to the door to the left and pause a moment with her ear to it listen with no sign of activity on the other side se silently opened the door and walked through, on the other side was a small study with two book cases on either side of a writing desk. No clue what the books were about most be nice having the ability to read, oh well plenty of time to learn. That is if we don’t get caught and hanged for attempted theft. She was looking for something in the lord’s desk. Checking all of the draws until she found one locked, once again bringing out the two lengths of metal and set about the locked draw, as if she had the key the draw opens up. Inside she pulled out a key and some pieces of paper. The pretty miss quickly scanned the papers and put them back into the Draw but kept the key. “Well My boy we are one step closer to getting out of here” she said “thank god. What’s the next step?” I asked moving towards the other door leading out of the room the pretty miss smiled and said “Finding the Door this key opens, there is where we will find our prize”

We found ourselves in a hallway with more doors and another staircase it spiralled leading up and down. Upwards to the attic I guess didn’t seem like the building had a proper third floor to it. And downwards back to the first floor and maybe a wine cellar. “We are aiming to find the good Lord McDonald’s Treasure room.” Said the pretty miss “Oh are we stealing something from him? I would never of guessed” My irritation getting the better of me “Hardly my Boy I’m just retrieving what is rightfully mine” she partially bite the words out with a seething anger. I let out a laugh “I think I get it now. An old mistress thrown a side for a younger girl, is that it? Let me guess you’re just here to get you last pay check” in the blink of an eye as the last of it was said I was pushed up against the wall feet dangling off of the floor with a knife at my throat. With a burning anger in her eyes in a low harsh whisper she said “Little boy you have no clue how powerful of person you are with. Before you go making assumptions like that I recommend you get some more information, for it can be more powerful than an army.” The pretty miss lowered me to the ground and put back on her cheerful and smiling mask. It was terrifying how genuine the smile is and how quickly she could be so terrifying.

Heading down into the Spiral staircase into a Wine cellar, not as big as some of the local lords boost but still more wine than I would ever see in a tavern. At the back of the cellar was another locked door this one of was heavy set Oak Door with large metal hinges and locks. The Pretty miss set about the lock with the length of metals. This lock took her several minutes to get but eventually the door opened with an audible click and the door slowly creaked opened, the type of noise that is typically followed by the guards shouting “What was that? Oh it’s intruders” but luckily enough no such shouts. Inside the room could have easily been the good lord McDonalds fortune it was sparkling with gold silver and over valuable items Paintings statues and busts the lot. The Pretty miss waded through all of it without a second glance going straight to a wooden box of ash white. With a stag’s head drawn onto it was charcoal or a similar such material. Inside the box was a bow made out of the same whiten ash wooden and a leather quiver with twenty cloth-yard shafts. The miss slung the quiver and bow over her back and walked over to me and handed me a purse of coin and a rigid blade of steel. With a childish smile on her face said “Well this has been fun these are a gift…” “Oh no you don’t not this time.” I interrupted “I’m not getting forced into a mess like this again” but she was already half way up the stairs Laughing “Well if you want me to take It back you’re going to have to catch me now aren’t you little boy” with my irritation and anger getting to its breaking point I shouted “Gods above women!” and I started after her.

Up the Stairs back to the hallway i saw that the pretty miss ad decided to leave through a window and start her escape by going along the wall on the manor. Without thinking I followed her out through the window and I was up on the wall too. All of this must have added to her enjoyment of the situation for she couldn’t stop laughing and giggling at it all. Not even the shouts and barks of the guards could stop her amusement. When one of the guards got out a crossbow the pretty miss got out her bow and an Arrow with the head of it not pointed of sharp like normal this was a pheasant shot. Designed to paralyse the bird without destroying it. with one fluid movement of retrieving the arrow from the quiver and placing it in the draw string the arrow was lose and planting itself firmly into the guards stomach were he lost lunch all across the Rose garden. The rest of the guards were momentarily stunned by this giving us more than enough time to leap of the wall and run towards the woods to the north.

The sun was still high in the sky as the chase continued, over fallen trees, over creaks heck even over camping woodsmen. The chase came to a halt as the miss leaped over a large creak and I didn’t feel confident to jump over after her without going for a swim and swimming thins one of my strong suits. “What’s this you not wanting to continue this my boy?” She asked sound almost disappointed. “No. but if you want to wait for me to find a decent crossing then by all means but honestly I don’t feel like Jumping. But tell me why? Why the need to drag a simple street rat into your little games with the good lord McDonald” I said “First off your far from a simple street rat even without your gifts you could be something important or amazing and with them well… let’s just say it’s going to be a fun bright future of adventure.” The miss said with a whimsical voice of a mother telling a child a bed time story then her features took a dark turn “Second ‘the good lord’ McDonald is a bastard of a man, him and his peers are attempting to delves into things them have no hope of understanding or controlling” She answered with that barley controlled anger she showed in the manor. “What some nobles are bored and started playing with the dark arts? Sacrificing goats and pretty virgins? Tell me something that’s new.” I asked “oh no my boy something far more dangerous” her tone that of a warning of a coming storm “and if the latter was the true you should watch yourself” she said barely holding back a laugh. I could feel my face turning red. “Oh fuck it I’m tired of this” I shouted and started off to leave heading west to the small town of Margraves.

It was a couple of days later that my blood started demanding I go in search of her to repay the bloody gifts she gave me. The search was almost hopeless. Nobody had seen her but all I had to go on was a gorgeous woman with red hair and green eyes. It was when I was getting desperate and the symptoms of my condition getting worse that she found me. Sitting in the room I rented that the inn I was staying in that she found me. “Well my boy it seems you have been trying to find me. Come to find me to take me up on my offer” she said whispering in my ear “Blood hell women! When did you get here?” I said startled if not scared of her sudden appearance. “What none of the ‘how you got in?’ your leaving out half of it. But no matter, you know exactly what I came here to hear.” She said with a rather mischievous smile. One that a child looking for trouble tend to have. “First of I have seen how you open door that’s why I didn’t ask. Second of…yes I’ve been looking for you to repay the debt let’s say. So who are we stealing from this time?” with a barely contained glee she gave out an excited giggle. “Mr. Crow you know how much fun this is going to be?” she said “Mr. Crow?” I asked completely shocked, how the hell did she know my name. “What do you mean? Galahad Crow that’s your name is it not?” she said with a slightly confused tone. “Oh I just released I never introduced myself. The name is Amanda Grainne” she answered with her hand extended to shake. I took her hand and shook it and said “well Miss Grainne let’s get this over with.” As we left the room I couldn’t help but notice how disappointed she seemed by my lack of enthusiasm.


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