Lorraine Weller

Madame of the Jenny's Guild


Madame of the Jenny’s Guild and holder of a current Chair in the Vendel League. A patron of the Rose & Cross. Formerly a prostitute and then madam in Carleon, rising to the head of the Avalon Guild. Thought to be the daughter of country gentry.

Lorraine is 34 years old now and still quite attractive, though she never considered herself beautiful. She has recently discovered gray hair, and covers it with expensive dyes from Montaigne and Vodacce. She has a placid, perpetually calm facade, which surrounds her with an air of personal mystery. She has few close friends (though her two childhood companions came to Vendel with her: they are on her staff), but she entertains regularly and well. Her political skills can match anyone on the Council, and she has finally achieved the status she so dearly desired. The cost to her soul has yet to fully sink in.


Lorraine was born and raised the third daughter of Avalon country gentry. Her father was mayor of her hometown, and she and her sisters were widely known and well-liked. Lorraine grew into a pretty young woman, and thought of little more than the next party her father would host, and which boys would be in attendance.

On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, while taking a shortcut home, she and a group of other youths stopped to help a group of traveling peddlers whose cart had lost a wheel. The young men set about helping the old merchant, as the young ladies looked on. Suddenly, the old man revealed his true nature. He was the leader of a group of outlaws, most of whom had hidden themselves when they heard the young group approach. The thieves fell on the group of unsuspecting teens savagely, beating boy and girl alike, and stealing necklaces, rings, handkerchiefs, and anything else of value. One of the boys fought back, and managed to stab a cutthroat in the belly. At this, the remaining members of the outlaw band grew enraged. They killed the boys, and left the young ladies wishing they had been killed as well.

The girls made their way back into town and a posse was organized. The locals caught and hanged the thieves, but the girls would never be the same. Lorraine, and the others who were there that day, were disgraced. No longer did the boys flirt with them. No longer were they asked to dance. No longer were they considered marriageable. A year after the “incident,” one of Lorraine’s friends stole her father’s pistol and shot herself rather than live with the shame. The town’s general opinion following the suicide proved even more devastating. No one seemed to care, and indeed, some even showed signs of happiness that such a disgraced girl would no longer be around to sully the town’s good name.

Lorraine gathered the other two girls who had shared her fate that ghastly day. The three agreed that no one cared about them anymore, and swore eternal loyalty to one another. They ran away together to Carleon, and none of the three was surprised when no one pursued them.

In Carleon, their complete lack of vocational skill quickly led them to the world’s oldest profession. Lorraine was disgusted; she hated being seen as a mindless object, and vowed to herself that she would someday be rich and powerful, able to control the actions of others without having to satisfy their intimate desires first. She applied herself, and quickly mastered not just the functional applications, but also the trade and its attendant logistic skills. In time, she became the head of Avalon’s Jenny’s Guild, the youngest ever at 25.

While in her position as head madam, she received a private visit from Kaatje Fanse, the sitting Council Chair of the Vendel Jenny’s Guild. Madame Fanse was looking for a personal assistant, and had heard of Lorraine’s organizational ability and personal drive. Lorraine leapt at the chance to expand her power, and readily accepted a position on Madame Fanse’s staff.

Lorraine never expected to hold a chair on Vendel’s ruling Council. She was a foreigner, after all. She was just as surprised as everyone else when Madame Fanse retired, and named Madame Weller as her successor. Lorraine has not held her seat long — less than five years, in fact. Still, in that time she has forged the Jennys, once considered members of the council solely for their entertainment ability, into a cohesive voice for gender equality and workplace safety.

Lorraine Weller

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