Magnus Brynjulffrsson af Larsfolk


Magnus is a bear of a man, barrel-chested and mighty of form. His battle style is uncompromisingly savage, and his band of fanatical followers wield their weapons the same way. Magnus is also a natural leader with a powerful charisma. None who meet him have ever been unimpressed, for better or for worse. He has yet to tell anyone of the prophecy, but few who know him would be surprised to hear it.


From the cradle, Magnus Brynjulffrsson (brin-YULE-fer-sun) was different. A fast learner and physical prodigy, he talked, walked, and grew faster than most children in his village. He has always been bigger, faster, and stronger than anyone around him. Shortly after his birth, a mysterious soothsayer visited Magnus’ parents. He promised to predict the boy’s future in exchange for a bowl of stew. Brynjulffr agreed.
“I see a crown,” said the wrinkled elder, holding the boy but staring blankly into the sky. “A crown and glory.” Then, with a gasp: “I see the High King.” Magnus’ parents were stunned. Every couple hopes to raise up the High King, but to be told emphatically that he would be the one… The elder, knowing that a prediction of this magnitude would cause uproar, forbade Brynjulffr and his wife from spreading the news. They obeyed.

Magnus grew up held to an extremely high standard. Brynjulffr knew the sagas, and knew his son would face great trials. He toughened the boy accordingly. A warrior himself, Brynjulffr was a hard teacher, and Magnus learned quickly to get out of the way or take the hit. Brynjulffr taught his son how to climb, run, swim, and fight, and demanded perfection in every area. Magnus obliged, thriving on his father’s discipline.

At 19, Magnus had established himself as an unbeatable warrior, and his reputation spread to the local jarl — a cruel warchief who saw a terrible threat in the young boy. He and his men travelled to the family’s home, and challenged the boy to a fight to ensure his loyalty. Magnus took the deal a step further. “I will fight you,” he bellowed, his voice carrying to the assembled crowd like thunder. “If you win, I will serve you.
If I win, your hall is mine.” The jarl could not refuse in front of his men, and attacked
Magnus ferociously. The battle lasted nearly an hour, but Magnus slew the jarl and took control of his hall and lands. Since then, Magnus has made his name known and feared throughout the Vendel archipelago. From his base on Klørbulg, he has declared war on the heretical Vendel and bends his considerable military skills towards undoing their wickedness. His raids are fast as lightning and ferocious as thunder. No fewer than five Vendel expeditions have set out to catch or kill him. Few survivors have returned. He has become a hero to the Vestenmannavnjar people, and there is talk of marshalling many jarls behind him to drive the Vendel out for good. He has not put out any sort of call, but already warriors and skjaeren are flocking to him.

Magnus Brynjulffrsson af Larsfolk

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