Magnus Desaux du Montaigne

Head of the Swordsmans Guild


Now in his late forties Magnus doesn’t train as much as he used to and carries around more weight than he is happy with. He conceals this as best he can with the latest in Montaigne fashion.


The Guild largely owes its creation to a Montaigne fencer named Magnus Desaux du Montaigne. Born in 1620, Magnus became intrigued by the rich history of duelling in Théah. However, duelling had been declared illegal in most nations. Although the King paid only lip service to the law at best, Magnus saw it as an encroachment on men’s ability defend their honour. On the other hand, he couldn’t deny that duelling caused a great deal of unnecessary death.

Castille, Eisen, and even Montaigne lost many young men every year to the demands of honour. Magnus sought a solution that would still allow duelling while reducing the number of fatalities. He came up with a “Duelling Guild” which would legalize the practice while carefully regulating the whys and wherefores. Such a system would allow “proxies” to fight for each other: men willing to duel and who would probably find some other means to kill each other without an acceptable outlet. Thus, men wouldn’t feel compelled to die defending their honour. More importantly, men would need to pay for the privilege, either by becoming Guild members (and contributing the requisite tithes) or hiring a Guild member to challenge and fight for them. Magnus saw this as an important step in reducing duelling while still allowing the practice in a legalized form.

After meeting Linnae Knute they founded the Swordsman’s Guild

Magnus Desaux du Montaigne

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