Miles Donovan

Head of the Swordsmans Guild


Miles is a burly man with little use for affectation and fashion. He wears simple loose fitting garb, close-cropped straw-coloured hair that has yet to show any grey, and a bushy beard and moustache that he rarely takes time to trim. Donovan is a man of few words, and only speaks up when he feels a matter of honour is at stake. He’s not a diplomat by any stretch of the imagination, and has little patience for fools or cowards.


Miles was born in 1624 in a small village in Avalon. His father Oslac was a swordsman and a Master of the Donovan School, just like his father and his father’s fathers before him. Miles is the great great grandson of Geoffrey Donovan, and grew up in the same tradition, displaying an aptitude for the small sword unmatched since the days of Geoffrey himself. Miles easily rose to Master level in the Donovan style, then travelled to the ancestral home of his grandmother, the Highland Marches.

There he began to learn the MacDonald style, but soon grew unhappy with the Highlanders’ attitude toward Avalon. He returned to his home town and took over the management of the family’s fencing academy from his father. But simple teaching soon bored Miles, and he sought to further improve his abilities. He travelled to Vendel to learn Leegstra. While he could have learned the School from any number of Vendel teachers, preferred to travel into Vesten lands and learn from the School’s source. Travelling through the Vesten islands in 1643, he was taken in by Hrodgeir himself and rapidly mastered that style as well.

Miles may have wandered Théah for many more years, seeking greater and greater mastery while occasionally returning to supervise his school. But Magnus Desaux du Montaigne contacted him on the docks of Kirk with an offer. Word of Miles’ reputation had already spread, and Magnus and Linnae Knute agreed that a Donovan Master would make the most suitable third member of the Guild Inner Council. In a dark room the three of them drew up the Pact, then went forth to meet with as many rulers as they could. Miles travelled to the Highland Marches and met with King MacDuff, then went south to meet with Avalon’s King Richard. Both of them were amenable to the idea of the Guild and signed. Miles then travelled to Eisen to meet with his comrades and approach the final signatory, Eisenfaust Reifenstahl. Since then Miles has focused on the more “honourable” aspects of the Guild when not tending to the affairs of the Donovan School.

He divides his time primarily between Kirk and his family’s academies: he has little interest in visiting other nations this late in his life.

Miles Donovan

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