Anders Noval

Master of the Watchmakers Guild


Master Anders Noval was born Andreas Wedekind Novalzek von Freiburg.
He shortened his name to better fit with Vendel society.


Raised on the streets of Freiburg Anders life looked like it would be a short one till the day he pick pocketed a Vendel merchants watch.

He was arrested while trying to pawn it. Luckily for him the merchant took pity on him and after seeing his nimble hands at work offered him an apprenticeship.

His skill at watch-making was unparalleled and allowed his mentor Hugo Kellos to focus more on politics and unite his fellow craftsmen in the creation of the Watchmakers Guild.

Kellos not wanting to lose Anders talent gave him partnership in his business. Now there are Kellos-Noval timepieces all across Theah.

After Hugo’s death 2 years ago Anders became full owner of Kellos-Noval and the new head of the watchmakers guild.

Since taking the position he has worked hard to continue his mentors work and give the guild more recognition. He hand crafted 9 bespoke timepieces for each of the Vendel League chairs as a gift and to give prestige to the craft.
The demand for quality timepieces has dramatically increased with only Kellos-Noval stores able to guarantee delivery in a reasonable time (1 month for standard pieces 2 months for custom/bespoke). This has allowed Kellos-Noval to expand and Anders wealth to greatly increase.

With his improved wealth has recently made sure that the Watchmakers guild have 4 seats in the Vendel league.
One for himself and 3 for his brightest pupils.

Anders Noval

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