Renato Marchello

Head of the Razors


Renato dresses entirely in black, with his Guild pin and Razors’ Badge prominently displayed at all times. He tends to go clean shaven, although his five o’clock shadow is thick and noticeable. He wears his long black hair tied back with an expensively decorated braid. The dagger he uses for Ambrogia- and Valroux-style fighting is equally ornate. Renato moves with the easy boneless grace of a cat, and his black clothing aids his efforts at stealth.


Renato was born of a peasant family in Lucani province. He spent the first ten years of his life working in the fields and living a simple, poor life. Then one day, a breathtakingly beautiful woman came to the farm in an expensive carriage and spoke with Renato’s father. Money was exchanged, and the next thing Renato knew he was whisked off to one of Veronica Ambrogia’s palatial estates. She told him that he would serve her now. Marchello never questioned his good fortune.

His new patron arranged for his training in her own Ambrogia School, then sent him to Charouse to learn the Valroux style. In short order he demonstrated enough skill to serve her needs. She then made those needs clear: she had a seat on the Swordsman’s Guild, and wished him to become the new leader of their enforcement branch, the Razors. Renato owed her everything, and gladly accepted the position. If the Guild leaders had any problem with his assignment, they didn’t say anything about it.

Renato has served as the head of the Razors for the last five years. He is ruthless in his duties, and proudly points out the dangers he faces. There is nothing more dangerous than a Swordsman gone rogue. Many of them fight back when he and the Razors collect them: a further sign of guilt as far as Marchello is concerned. The Guild is not entirely happy with his reputation, but given their limited ability to enforce Guild law without the cooperation of the locals, it serves to bolster their standing. Many Swordsmen are far more reluctant to break Guild law if Marchello comes after them. Though he holds the rank of Master, Renato is not a particularly skilled swordsman compared to other high-ranking Guild members. Instead, he relies on his knowledge of the weaknesses of many Schools to defeat his opponents. Renato fancies himself a Villanova, although he lacks the lineage.

Renato Marchello

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