Opahkung Mercenary


Toki is from the Island of Kanuba.

Even in Kirk she looks out of place the quiet islander dressed in fine dress carrying a primitive spear.


Toki left home to travel to Theah shortly after the first Eisen settlers landed.

She has survived by working as a mercenary stunning many Thean’s with her combat prowess.

Most who fight Toki feel there is something supernatural about her ability.

The truth is Toki is an Opahkung a mystic of the Kanu this can gives an advantage no Thean can match.

Killed during the events of Unearthed opportunity

Originally GM Info
_Toki is not your average Opahkung she channels both lan and nal draining both from those she kills.

She channels the Lan through himself and the Nal into those she plans to destroy.

Toki enjoys the life of luxury that her skills have afforded her but knows one day she will return to Kanuba as all her people do.

Difference is Toki plans to kill all the Thean settlers.

Lan is stored in her spear Nal in her curved crescent dagger._


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