Rune of Wealth


Standing barrel chested at 6’4" Velstand is a powerhouse though he is haunted by his actions.

He is now slowly growing back his beard.


When the Wyrm last came the great Skald Velstand represented his tribe and met with the champions of all the Vestenmannavnjar at the first Althing.

Together they achieved the impossible and defeated the Wyrm by stealing a portion of its power.

Velstand returned to his people more than just a man he was now the living embodiment of the Rune of Wealth.

As the years past and the Vendel rose to power the meaning of Velstands rune slowly changed and him with it.
Once representing wealth of knowledge the greed of his people turned it mean monetary wealth and it changed the man.

The Nyrna Breyta saw the pain and conflict within Velstands heart and manipulated him to the path of pure greed.
He then took a Seat in the Vendel League under the name “Peter Vel,” and spread his greed among other members like a disease.

With the death of Breyta, Velstand has regained his old way of thinking. He does not know how long it will last for but will help those who freed him in the coming war.


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