Viktor Lorentz

Master Monster Hunter


Viktor is now in his early 50’s and is slowly accepting the fact he’s not a young man any more.
His appearance is always neat and dresses in practical clothing never too far from a weapon.


Viktor dedicated his life to killing monsters.

When he lost his mentor to the Siren Eater it turned his training into an obsession.

He travelled the world learning all he could about killing monsters in all their forms.

The great wurm that haunted his dreams however always eluded him every 2 years he would make the attempt and every time he would get closer to killing the beast and losing his own life.

Then with the help of the Adventurers Guild he completed his life’s work and avenged his teacher.

He repaid the guild by joining them and teaching there members how to fight monsters.

He returned to Eisen one last time to face The Verschlingen. He died saving the life of an adventurer and will always be remembered by the Adventurers Guild and the monster hunters of Eisen.

Viktor Lorentz

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