Vilkarr Reifnir af Aarensfolk

A Skjæren with great potential


A young Vestenmannavnjar whose amethyst eyes show he is a Skjæren of the Aarensfolk.


Vilkarr was always told he would be a Skjæren it was in his blood. It was his destiny.

Destiny however wasn’t happening fast enough for Vilkarr he sought a faster path in the hopes of making his family proud of him.

Then one day a Vendel came to his town and spoke of another form of training. How he too was once like Vilkarr and that his teacher helped him reach power previously unimagined.

Vilkarr naively belived the Vendel and followed him to Kirk. There he met his new teacher Boli Kollsson.

Boli spent the next few weeks trying to break Vilkarr keeping him tied up in a basement with barely enough food or water to survive. Tortured daily to force him to give up the old ways and put all his faith in Boli.

Just as Vilkarr had given up all hope he was left alone for the first time since his capture. Barely conscious he made the Grenseløs Lærd with his own blood to free himself from his chains and make his escape.
Barely able to walk in a city he didn’t know got lucky. He passed out in an alley and was found by Gerald Bouvier who treated his wounds and arranged for Hakon Ostberg and Lukas Dahl to get him safely to Klørbulg and into the care of Jarl Magnus Brynjulffrsson af Larsfolk.

Vilkarr is now recovering but has a renewed dedication to his art. He plans to become a great Skjæren and repay those who saved him by bringing down his captor.

Vilkarr Reifnir af Aarensfolk

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