The Adventurer's Guild

Revenge at what cost?
Journal entry by Viktor Lorentz

On my first Siren hunt I witnessed the terrifying Wurm known as the Siren Eater. It killed my mentor ate our prey and left me for dead.
I dedicated my life to killing the beast. I travelled the world hunting monstrosities for every corner of Theah and researched everything known about the beast.

Every 2 years I led an expedition to avenge my mentor. Every time I failed, I would wound the beast but the cost would be far too great.
My obsession with the Siren Eater dominated my life and ended the lives of too many good hunters.

Now the beast is finally dead. My obsession is clear to see. The Gelingen see me as a hero but their praise is misplaced. The wurm was a mindless beast, feeding on a menace to the people of Posen. I was the monster that led good men to their death for my own petty vengeance.

I cannot stay among my fellow hunters and listen to them praise my madness.
Perhaps in Kirk I will be able to do some good and help those willing to fight monsters avoid becoming monsters themselves.

Kirk Chronicle - Banner
excerpts from the latest issue

Crime report
The recent devastating attack on our fair cities dock has yet to receive an official explanation with Lord Sheriff Ivar Dags refusing to comment on the investigation.

Members of the Sailors Guild who were hit hardest by this tragedy are laying the blame squarely at the hands of Vodacce merchants. Claiming that such loss of life can only be attributed to the vile poisons preferred by the merchant princes.

In trade
Val Mokk has recently made a huge step forward in improving relations with our Vesten cousins by donating an important cultural artefact to the Skjæren of the Aarensfolk. The Merchants guild hope this gesture will help quell the recent escalation in raiding.

In fashion
Master Anders Noval has not let his injury impede his fashion sense as he has recently been seen wearing an eye patch crafted by the Tailor guilds Amity Neveu. Master Noval says the patch was a moving gift from Mistress Neveu which he will proudly wear till his wound has sufficiently healed.

The Rum Barrell - Asger
A torn page from the latest issue

The corrupt and controlling hand of the Vendel League plan to publicly murder an enlightened man, whose great crime is trying to free us from those who would make slaves of us all.

Asger Gaidarsson is not the villain of this story. Instead he is a tragic hero who was willing to sacrifice his freedom and his life to save his people from the Murderous plans of Master Allen Trel.

Sadly Asger will be murdered by the Vendel League while the villain Trel walks among us. I encourage all free thinking men and women to help correct this great injustice.

Rumours about Kollsson
Fears confirmed

A good friend once told me rumours about Boli Kollsson which have now been confirmed.

A young Skjæren named Vilkarr was found near death suffering from dehydration, starvation and showed clear signs of torture. All the work of Boli himself who was trying to learn hidden secrets of Lærdom and break Vilkarr’s will.

Thankfully Vilkarr knew the power of Grenseløs and escaped as soon as he was left alone.

After we got him to safety I left Gerald to tend to his wounds and plan his escape while I distracted Boli.

Acting on behalf of a shell company I negotiated face to face with Boli for a large contract to secure his students services for a merchant fleet. I managed to keep him occupied for 8 hours before frustration got the best of him.

Thankfully Vilkarr had gotten out of Kirk in that time.

Once again Gerald risked his life for my cause. he caused the distraction that allowed Vilkarr to board Brunnmigi’s boat.

Then Hakon and Lukas were able to get him to the safety of Magnus Brynjulffrsson without any hassle on Klørbulg.

When I next meet my friend I will have to thank him for recommending them.

First Members
We have finally begun

The girls have been released from captivity and Madame Weller is now looking after their safety.

If nothing else I can consider that a small victory.

We are still no closer to finding out who is supplying Jens Bergen with the girls although the bear paw brand is turning up in more ports across Theah.

Both Hakon & Lukas have agreed to help albeit not as eagerly as I had hoped. My deception did little to earn their confidence. A mistake that will take me some time to correct.

I underestimated them and risked Geralds life in the process. I have been foolish. Part of me still thinking of this as some game a grand society of adventurers saving the world from the evils that plague it.

It’s not a game. Peoples lives hang in the balance. If we do things right, lives will be saved, slaves freed and monsters destroyed. If we fail. If I make mistakes people could die.

I was too cautious and overly dramatic as a result I almost pushed away the men I believe can help us make a difference.

I will be more honest with recruitment in the future. At this stage secrecy is what will keep us safe. There is a long list of people who would destroy the guild in its infancy if they knew what we plan to do.

As for the bear paw marks this requires further investigation. Perhaps its time to take Bergen off the streets.


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