The Adventurer's Guild

The Final battle

The Vestenmannavnjar and the Vendel united as one.
The Living Runes sacrificed their power.
The First High King for over 100 years appeared and summoned all of the champions of Valhalla.

All to give a handful of adventurers the opportunity to defeat the Great Wyrm.

The sacrifice was worth it The Great Wyrm was killed and its cycle of destruction finally at an end.

Now the Vestenmannavnjar and the Vendel have the hard task ahead of them of building a lasting peace.

That however is a story for another time.

The Kings Speech (Vendel League)
The Humble High King

My name is Gjæving Asbjornsson, I am the High King of the Vestenmannavnjar and I am aware how little that title means to many of you gathered here today.
I come before you today not to claim sovereignty, instead I come to join you.
I have recently joined a guild and even acquired a seat.

The guilds of the Vendel League have always looked forward, you have helped shape the destiny of Theah and made other nations fear aggression against our home more than any High King, Jarl or raider fleet ever did. Through commerce you have ensured peace and that should be commended.

Now however you face a foe you do not understand. An enemy of the past who cares not for money, who can’t be negotiated with and is only interested in our complete subjection.

The Great Wyrm is real. Its power is overwhelming and it hates all of us. Every time it has come for us we have pushed it back as a united people. The Wyrm attacks now for we are a fractured people. The Norvik islands have never seemed more far apart than they are now.

The divide between the Vendel and the Vestenmannavnjar has harmed every man and woman gathered here today. Our families have been torn between tradition and progress.
We have all lost. Perhaps too much damage has been done for us to be one people again.

Hjalmar has fallen and soon the rest of Viddenheim will fall with it. Your more traditional cousins are fighting the Wyrms forces to buy all of us time to make our attack.

I beg all of you gathered here today to not let those brave men and women die for nothing.
The Vendel and the Vestenmannavnjar as enemies cannot survive. Together we have a chance.

Please do what you do best and look forward. Look toward a future of peace between our people and the nightmares of our past forever laid to rest.

I have a plan to rid our people of the Great Wyrm if you are willing to listen.

The Kings Speech (Vestenmannavnjar)
Before the Jarls he finally appeared.

When I was chosen to be High King I felt as though I was cursed. Hounded by our ancestors I was shown the destruction our people were inflicting upon each other. How cousins killed each other in the name of progress or to defend the past.

I knew what the Grumfather had selected me to do and I prayed for him to change his mind.

The task impossible and I was not the man to take on such a role.

Ignoring the cries of our ancestors I travelled in secret from town to town. Meeting Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar alike. We were not so different, unfortunately we are equally stubborn and hardened our hearts towards one another. How could one man change the heart of a people divided.

So I hid. Like a coward I hid.

I hid as our people slaughtered each other. I hid as the nightmares of our past attacked our spirit.

I can hide no more.

The Great Wyrm has returned. We must overcome our stubbornness and stand shoulder to shoulder as a united people or we will all fall before it.

Every Vestenmannavnjar and Vendel killed is one less soldier to fight the Wyrm.

Gather all your men, all your ships. We are going to war with the greatest enemy of our people.

United we shall win.

The Fall of Hjalmar
The Plea of a survivor

I pray there will be Skalds left to tell the tale.
The fall of Hjalmar and the heroes who died to give us time to escape.
The Great Wyrm has taken the High Kings Hearth and all surrounding land.
The battlefield has been chosen.
Grumfather help us.

Champions of the Wyrm
Five Fallen Heroes

In the halls of the Vendel League all seats had been assembled to discuss the emergency vote that could start a war.

Five Vesten warriors entered the hall after killing the leagues guards.

" I am Krieg
The Wyrm has brought us back from Valhalla to serve as its champions. Consult your seers and spirit talkers and know my words ring true.
You are less than a shadow of a great people serve and gain a life with purpose.
The Great Wyrm offers you one chance to supplicate yourselves.
You are invited to The Wyrms Althing.
Serve or Die."

During Kriegs speech Kjølig unrolls a scroll and pins it to one of the halls pillars with her knife.

The Vendel League have been given a deadline.

Kirk Chronicle - War on the Horizon?
Emergency vote called


Master Trel of the Sailor’s guild is demanding the full support of the League to take the fight to the raiders after the horrific events in Västeras. Trel is demanding that the invasion of Västeras be matched with overwhelming force.
Master Trel has a lot of support but many in the League including Val Mokk are wary of war.


The Usury Guild is in disarray after one of its senior members Peter Vel resigned unexpectedly. Vel was a financial institution in Kirk owning one of the largest loan companies in Vendel.
Vel’s shock retirement has also come with the closure of his business and all debts being cancelled.
Master Red while shocked by the announcement has said a sudden burst of wealth among the poorest is great for the economy.


Sheriff Dags has refused to comment on the increase in violent street crime. Sources within the sheriffs office have stated that the people are scared and lashing out.


All merchant ships are stuck in port as the Sailors Guild refuse to provide naval escort till the vote on action against the Vesten takes place.


No invites have been spotted for the Tailor’s Guild annual ball. Mistress Neveu is keeping things very secretive for now though she was happy to see that masks were becoming this seasons must have accessory.

Rune of Wealth?

“As the Vesten slowly became the Vendel my power slowly changed. No longer a symbol for wealth of knowledge but for monetary wealth. Greed became the motivation behind the use of my power and I changed with it.
We are all slaves to our power we are all corrupted by it. As Krieg became an avatar of violence, I became an avatar of greed.
The only way I could be free of it was a drastic measure. I had to make sure no-one knew my laird. Through my greed I could engineer the war. I could escalate it to ensure devastation. I would doom us all to be forgotten. To be free.

Now my mind is clear again. I can see the madness of these last twenty years. I can see that something far worse than me is happy with these events.

Five of the living runes are dead, more lost. Our people are divided and dedicated to destroying each other. The Great Wyrm is returning. There is nothing that can hold it back now. No tricks to deceive. No power to wound it. We die or live as slaves.

All because I was blinded by greed."

The God of Sodermanvarman
A Child's Tale

The man came and told us about the goddess. How she could keep us all safe and make us strong.

Most of us knew better and stayed away but Jakob went with them. We all had nothing but Jakob had an accident and couldn’t move his right arm any more he was desperate.

We were worried about him but we didn’t tell anyone. Then after two days Jakob came back he looked great, he had been well fed and his arm was better. He was stronger than he had been stronger than all of us. So when he said the Goddess still wanted meet us we went.

She was kind and caring and gave each of us a stone. None of us felt hungry or sick anymore. We were all faster and stronger and she never asked for anything in return.

During the day we did whatever we wanted and at night her fire kept us warm.

Then you turned up and we tried hurt you. We didn’t want to but she made us.

I saw what she really was then. I know its dead but I don’t feel safe anymore.

Time Ends?

He climbed the hill to see the only person who could answer his questions.
The spirits would only talk of destiny and what must come next. How he had to save his people.

He would ask her and she would tell him what he already knew.

He greeted her politely and accepted the seat and the stew he was offered.
He listened to the stories. All the old tales of there people, then the stories of the runes and the first high king that told as she witnessed them. She listened to her talk about the love she held for her husband even after all this time and how part of her longed for his death so she could be free.

For twelve days he listened to all of her stories from the birth of their land to the poor cursed fool who visited her last.

Then she told him to ask his question.

Then she told him what he already knew.

He was chosen for a reason. All of his people were in danger. The time for hiding was over. Time was running out.

Gjæving left her cave and headed back down the hill. His hood down unable to hide the tears in his eye.
He had left the cave with more questions than answers.

Could he do what must be done?
Could his people endure the horror ahead?
Where Gods and Legends failed could he rely on heroes?

If not all could be lost.

Kirk Chronicle - business as usual?
why acknowledge myth?


Sheriff Dags has no official comment on the decline in street crime. Sources from within the Sheriff’s office are happy with there new initiatives though can’t fully explain the cities drop in homeless.


Master Trel of the Sailor’s guild has responded to the recent increase in raider activity by promising that all league Merchant ships will now have a naval escort.
He refused to give any comment on rumours about the recent savage attacks or the alleged valkyrie that leads them.


Joseph Volkers recent party to celebrate the relationship between Vendel and Eisen was a roaring success. Volker promised funds to help rebuild his damaged homeland and honoured the Eisen mercenary captains who helped boost Kirks defence recently. Master Noval of the watchmakers guild made a rare appearance since his accident.

Amity Neveu will be holding the tailors guild annual ball next month. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received an invitation yet. Mistress Neveu hasn’t sent any yet and apparently has a surprise in store for all her guests.


The Sailor’s Guild new Flagship “Progress” will have its launch ceremony at the end of the week. Master Trel believes the mere sight of it will cause any smart raiders to run.


Boli Kollssons school has shut it doors while it is undergoing refurbishment. During this time Kollson will be taking a well deserved break two of his senior students will be dealing with the school’s business in the interim and working out of the carpenters guild building.


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