The Adventurer's Guild

Vote for Sanctioning - The Adventurers Guild
Official notes from the Chairs meeting

For months now there have been reports of individuals acting in secret to help the people of Kirk.
Whether it was chasing pimps out of the city, preventing assassinations or facing off against the Inquisition. These heroes have acted to make our streets safer for all.

Master Typ Kopman is responsible for this Adventurers Guild and has so far run it in secret to protect its members. In the face of increasing danger to our society the time for secrecy is at an end.

Today the chairs of the Vendel League gather to vote on whether the Adventurers Guild should be sanctioned or forced to disband.


Abstain – Eladio Ballesteros & Joseph Volker

Disband – Joris Brak & Red

Sanction – Val Mokk, Sela Cole, Allen Trel, Lorraine Weller & George Skard

With a majority vote the chairs have voted to officially sanction the Adventurers Guild.

The vote will now pass to the Seats of the Vendel League a majority vote there will make the adventurers guild an official part of the Vendel League.

The Rum Barrell - Murderers Roam Free in Kirk
Front page of the latest issue

Under the pretence of peace but in the name of profit Murder has been deemed legal in the streets of Kirk.

To maintain the status quo and to keep the wheels of capitalism moving Val Mokk has declared an amnesty on all crimes committed since the assassination of Magnus Desaux du Montaigne.

The Montaigne nobleman was of course avenged by the gallows but what of the people of Kirk whose lives were damaged by the madness caused by the Swordsman’s Guilds entitled thugs and the Merchant’s Guilds hired goons.

What about the murder of Erl Rasmussen by the hands of the swordsman’s guild chief assassin.

The simple answer it would delay trade and inconvenience the wealthy too much.
Guilders must flow and the peoples health and safety are secondary concerns at best. Mokk has proven this today.

Kirk Chronicle - Martial Law declared
Blood on the streets

The Vendel League have declared a state of Martial Law in Kirk following the death of Magnus Desaux du Montaigne.
Magnus was a guest at Linnae Knute’s tournament of potential. The tournament came to an abrupt end when Magnus was shot in the back.
Sources from within the Town Guard have confirmed that one of Erl Rasmussens students is suspected of the murder.

Tensions between the Swordsman’s Guild and the Rasmussen School have always been high in Kirk.
After the murder of the Swordsman Guilds founder sources within both organisations are fearing all-out war on the streets of Kirk.

Throughout the day small fights broke out across the city with Swordsmen and Pistoleers filling Kirks jails and hospitals. There were no more deaths till a group of Rasmussen attacked the head of the Razors Alvhilde Saukkosdottir af Skadesfolk. Miss Saukkosdottir is recovering from her injuries but her assailants were killed.

Sailor’s guild marines and hired mercenaries have been deputised by the town guard to help prevent any escalation of violence.

Kirk Chronicle - Failed Inquisition Plot
Religious extremists foiled


Member of the Vaticine Inquisition sought to use St Simon’s as a place to spread their violent campaign of madness across Kirk.
Thankfully due to the actions of the Kirk guard and a few concerned citizens their plot was foiled before it could begin.
One of the inquisitors survived and is set to go on trial this week.


The new head of the Alchemist’s Guild Tala Jónsdóttir has been turning heads with her arrival in the league and keen fashion sense. this week however she showed her generous side by offering to pay for all the damage done to St Simon’s by the Inquisition.


Master Knute’s open tournament is set to begin this month. Linnae has confirmed that swordsman guild membership is not required but that master swordsmen are forbidden from taking part in the tournament.


Master Noval has denied plans to open new stores. The master watchmaker has stated that more stores will not help them keep up with the increasing demand but that he was working hard to train new apprentices to hopefully lower the waiting list for Kellos-Noval timepieces under 6 months.


The Explorer’s Society have praised the efforts of the 12 members that were killed in last weeks violent robbery.
Their bravery prevented the rarest and most precious of works falling into the hands of criminals.

In Saving Skard
Debrief from Typ

Adventurers your actions at the Althing have helped prevent chaos from running over these lands.

George Skard is perhaps the most beloved man in Vendel his death would have guaranteed a war.
His survival ensured his mission of peace was a successful one. Tensions among our people have quietened down while sadly temporary it is a welcome reprieve and gives us a chance to prepare for the future.

A future of peace among our people is possible but we will have to work very hard to achieve it and defeat those that seek to destroy it.

We already knew of those within the Vendel League who seek to profit from war and of the Jarls who are so blinded by revenge that peace is not an option.
Now it seems that something much older is also at play. The stones of the Nyrna were not just uncovered and used to attack the league. They were handed out by the Nyrna themselves who wish nothing but death for us all.

We have great challenges ahead of us. Challenges that together we can overcome.

Kirk Chronicle - Attacks on Västeras
Shocking news from Vendel's second city


The port of Västeras came under attack last night as a group of Vesten raiders attacked killing 24 residents. The quick response of the city guard helped the repel the attack preventing the tragedy becoming worse. Witness mentioned the bravery of some locals who helped the guards push back the murderous raiders including one Vestenmannavnjar warrior who fought alongside the guards.

Sadly the attack on the port wasn’t the only loss of life in Västeras last night. Oddi’s Print works was burned to the ground killing Printer’s Guild member and league seat Jans Oddi along with forty dedicated members of staff. The guard have refused to comment on whether the fire was accidental or malicious.


All exports and imports to Ussura have been put on hold by the order of Allen Trel as a group of sea serpents have infested the trade route attacking all ships. The Sailor’s Guild have promised to re-open the trade route as soon as possible and the Merchant’s Guild are arranging temporary shipping methods through Eisen.


George Skard has announced that he intends to be the first ever Vendel League chair to attend the annual althing in Thingvallavatn.
The Master of the Brewers Guild hopes his presence can help alleviate tensions or at the very least the Vesten Jarls will enjoy the several hundred barrels of beer he plans to bring with him.

Tala Jónsdóttir has been appointed as the new head of the Alchemist’s Guild following the sudden resignation of Master Jans Ulkopf.


Linnae Knute has announced he has plans for a small tournament in Kirk to allow warriors from across Theah the chance to prove themselves.


The Grumfather Cycle. The Living Myth of Vestenmannavnjar is to published for the first time by historian Bens Postma

Will of Sodermanvarman
No peaceful rest

My name is Toril Sorgsdottir I have told the tale of Sodermanvarman for many years.
Of the horrible actions of the Vendel League and the maddened reaction of the Jarls.
How the abhorrent actions of a few almost brought our people to war.

I travelled and spoke to members of each tribe and any Vendel who would listen.
I hoped Sodermanvarman could be a cautionary tale of how close we came to destruction.

An old woman approached me and told me about the spirits of Sodermanvarman.
How they were trapped forever reliving the pain and panic of the attack.
Then she told me she knew how to free them but no longer had the strength herself.

She gave me the stone.
On the boat I felt like a fool tricked by an old woman to take a pebble to a grave yard then when I arrived I felt its power.

The next thing I remember is being carried you.

Kirk Chronicle - Bolivar

Crime report
The streets of Kirk were overrun by all vast collection of ferocious beats, they attacked in a frenzy going after anything including each other..
The sheriffs have confirmed that there has been eight death and numerous casualties. A mercifully small number thanks in part to the quick reaction of some of Kirks bravest citizens.

What was proposed to be an exhibition of the courageous hunting spirit of our people was turned into a disaster through a cruel act of sabotage. Ivar Dags has stated that those responsible for the disaster were also the first victims of it.

Famed monster hunter Ana María Pastor Bolivar is now aiding authorities in clearing out the remaining creatures.

The price of Sea Serpent eggs is on the rise after a cargo ship was sunk by raiders.

Val Mokk is hosting a celebration of the explorers society in honour of their efforts to bridge the gap between cousins.

Amity Neveu has taken tragedy and turn it into something fabulous. The Tailor’s Guild have a limited edition black fur coat made from the horrible beats that attacked Kirk. Profits will go to help the clean up effort.

The Great White Bear
The twilight the Procurer's Guild

Typ Kopman finally made his approach. Almost two years since he decided that my network was essential to his plans he finally sent his brave adventurers to recruit me.

Typ is a good man and truly believes in what he was doing but I doubted he would have the stomach to do what was needed to save Kirk from monsters. The truth is he doesn’t but he has men in his employ who do.

The Procurer’s Guild have been scavenging outside of the Jenny’s Guild for years, brutalising children all for the sake of money.
Scavengers was all they would ever be. The Bear of Breslau threatened to change that and make them a force capable of taking on Mistress Weller.

I knew the conditions he kept his girls in throughout Ussura I was not going to let that happen to the children of Kirk.

So I sent the Adventurers Guild without knowing what numbers to face or the true extent of the Bears ability. I acted rashly and a good man almost died, had I waited much worse would have happened. My job now will be getting Typ to understand this.

The good news is that Gerald is making a quick recovery. Perhaps the rumour about Ralph Høstsen is true after all.

Revenge at what cost?
Journal entry by Viktor Lorentz

On my first Siren hunt I witnessed the terrifying Wurm known as the Siren Eater. It killed my mentor ate our prey and left me for dead.
I dedicated my life to killing the beast. I travelled the world hunting monstrosities for every corner of Theah and researched everything known about the beast.

Every 2 years I led an expedition to avenge my mentor. Every time I failed, I would wound the beast but the cost would be far too great.
My obsession with the Siren Eater dominated my life and ended the lives of too many good hunters.

Now the beast is finally dead. My obsession is clear to see. The Gelingen see me as a hero but their praise is misplaced. The wurm was a mindless beast, feeding on a menace to the people of Posen. I was the monster that led good men to their death for my own petty vengeance.

I cannot stay among my fellow hunters and listen to them praise my madness.
Perhaps in Kirk I will be able to do some good and help those willing to fight monsters avoid becoming monsters themselves.


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