The Adventurer's Guild

Rune of Wealth?

“As the Vesten slowly became the Vendel my power slowly changed. No longer a symbol for wealth of knowledge but for monetary wealth. Greed became the motivation behind the use of my power and I changed with it.
We are all slaves to our power we are all corrupted by it. As Krieg became an avatar of violence, I became an avatar of greed.
The only way I could be free of it was a drastic measure. I had to make sure no-one knew my laird. Through my greed I could engineer the war. I could escalate it to ensure devastation. I would doom us all to be forgotten. To be free.

Now my mind is clear again. I can see the madness of these last twenty years. I can see that something far worse than me is happy with these events.

Five of the living runes are dead, more lost. Our people are divided and dedicated to destroying each other. The Great Wyrm is returning. There is nothing that can hold it back now. No tricks to deceive. No power to wound it. We die or live as slaves.

All because I was blinded by greed."

The God of Sodermanvarman
A Child's Tale

The man came and told us about the goddess. How she could keep us all safe and make us strong.

Most of us knew better and stayed away but Jakob went with them. We all had nothing but Jakob had an accident and couldn’t move his right arm any more he was desperate.

We were worried about him but we didn’t tell anyone. Then after two days Jakob came back he looked great, he had been well fed and his arm was better. He was stronger than he had been stronger than all of us. So when he said the Goddess still wanted meet us we went.

She was kind and caring and gave each of us a stone. None of us felt hungry or sick anymore. We were all faster and stronger and she never asked for anything in return.

During the day we did whatever we wanted and at night her fire kept us warm.

Then you turned up and we tried hurt you. We didn’t want to but she made us.

I saw what she really was then. I know its dead but I don’t feel safe anymore.

Time Ends?

He climbed the hill to see the only person who could answer his questions.
The spirits would only talk of destiny and what must come next. How he had to save his people.

He would ask her and she would tell him what he already knew.

He greeted her politely and accepted the seat and the stew he was offered.
He listened to the stories. All the old tales of there people, then the stories of the runes and the first high king that told as she witnessed them. She listened to her talk about the love she held for her husband even after all this time and how part of her longed for his death so she could be free.

For twelve days he listened to all of her stories from the birth of their land to the poor cursed fool who visited her last.

Then she told him to ask his question.

Then she told him what he already knew.

He was chosen for a reason. All of his people were in danger. The time for hiding was over. Time was running out.

Gjæving left her cave and headed back down the hill. His hood down unable to hide the tears in his eye.
He had left the cave with more questions than answers.

Could he do what must be done?
Could his people endure the horror ahead?
Where Gods and Legends failed could he rely on heroes?

If not all could be lost.

Kirk Chronicle - business as usual?
why acknowledge myth?


Sheriff Dags has no official comment on the decline in street crime. Sources from within the Sheriff’s office are happy with there new initiatives though can’t fully explain the cities drop in homeless.


Master Trel of the Sailor’s guild has responded to the recent increase in raider activity by promising that all league Merchant ships will now have a naval escort.
He refused to give any comment on rumours about the recent savage attacks or the alleged valkyrie that leads them.


Joseph Volkers recent party to celebrate the relationship between Vendel and Eisen was a roaring success. Volker promised funds to help rebuild his damaged homeland and honoured the Eisen mercenary captains who helped boost Kirks defence recently. Master Noval of the watchmakers guild made a rare appearance since his accident.

Amity Neveu will be holding the tailors guild annual ball next month. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received an invitation yet. Mistress Neveu hasn’t sent any yet and apparently has a surprise in store for all her guests.


The Sailor’s Guild new Flagship “Progress” will have its launch ceremony at the end of the week. Master Trel believes the mere sight of it will cause any smart raiders to run.


Boli Kollssons school has shut it doors while it is undergoing refurbishment. During this time Kollson will be taking a well deserved break two of his senior students will be dealing with the school’s business in the interim and working out of the carpenters guild building.

Monsters like no other
an experp from Viktors memoirs

The Gervalp. Oh the tales I had heard from my fellow hunters about them. Wolves as big as horses they would say. Bigger and bigger with each telling and more drink of course.

Then at the Althing I saw them. Fierce and giant. As big as ponies they were prey worth a tale.

Once me and Bens began looking into the Nyrna I focused most of my attention on Dyr. The ancient Vesten referred to her as the mother of monsters. In quieter times she once protected the people of these island by keeping the great beasts away from the towns and villages. Then when the Nyrna decided to rule Dyr directed the monsters to the towns that wouldn’t bend the knee. When the Grumfather tried to stop them Dyr drove his pet wolf mad.

The Grumfathers wolf Ger. Father to the Gervalp. Had I not seen it myself I would not have believed. I have seen smaller ships than that colossal wolf.

But I have gone off track. After the attack of the Gervalp and the Nyrnas appearance I linked Dyr to their attacks. So I sent out for information on all Gervalp appearances hoping to track her down.
To my surprise there was no news. Previously there was at least one report a month of Gervalp sightings but once I started looking they vanished. So I searched known lairs and hunting grounds and found nothing.

Then after three months the reports started coming in. Dozens of them all from Kivik. I knew we had to go there it was our only lead.

As we climbed that damned mountain we saw plenty of Gervalp mostly dead. The smaller ones had been killed by the larger ones.
We then found them. Dozens of Gervalp the largest 3 times the size of an Eisen warhorse. They ignored us entirely and attacked the roots of an ancient tree in the mountainside.

Bens theory was correct Dyr had found the prison of the great wolf and was using his children to free him.
After some fierce fighting we put down the Gervalp and for a second I genuinely thought we had stopped Ger returning.

Then she appeared an ancient withered woman moving with speed and purpose looked as though she was trapped between flesh and spirit more wraith than flesh.
The Nyrna Dyr.

She walked straight into the tree and then Ger awoke.

I have travelled the world fighting monsters. I have nearly died countless times and to my endless remorse lost more comrades then I can recall.
Seeing Ger caused me to pause. I stood stunned by my fear.

My comrades however were fearless Lukas and Lockhart actually climbed the damn beast while that crazy bastard Hakon decided to grab the attention of Ger by attacking the source of his legendary virility.

Their courage spurred me to action and I pinned the beasts tail as it chased Hakon.

Lukas got ripped from Gers shoulders and attacked its leg trying to slow it down. Hakon joined him and combined they got the beast to fall. The Lockhart, the boy who I didn’t think should come on such a dangerous expedition fell with the beast and with all his might plunged his blade deep. Combined with the force of the fall he pierced its brain.

That is how Ger the Great Wolf, the hunting wolf of the Grumfather was slain.

Then Dyr showed herself fully intending to finish us off. Completely unaware that we knew her weakness she made no attempt to defend herself and died quickly.

It was only after the fight did i realise Knarr wasn’t with us. Dyr had killed him before waking Ger.

If only that was the end of this adventure.

We went back down the mountain eager to rest and return to Kirk.

The boat was attacked by an natural storm and we were dragged to a place were we could see the Nyrna as they truly were.
I fought with a strength I have not had in many years battle clouding me to all but my enemy. It was as though i was young and foolish once more.

When I came out of my haze we had returned to normal. Knarrs body was missing as were several of the crew and Bolivars beast.

We killed two Nyrna on this adventure and one of the greatest beasts of Vesten myth.

So much for retirement.

Vote for Sanctioning - The Adventurers Guild
Official notes from the Chairs meeting

For months now there have been reports of individuals acting in secret to help the people of Kirk.
Whether it was chasing pimps out of the city, preventing assassinations or facing off against the Inquisition. These heroes have acted to make our streets safer for all.

Master Typ Kopman is responsible for this Adventurers Guild and has so far run it in secret to protect its members. In the face of increasing danger to our society the time for secrecy is at an end.

Today the chairs of the Vendel League gather to vote on whether the Adventurers Guild should be sanctioned or forced to disband.


Abstain – Eladio Ballesteros & Joseph Volker

Disband – Joris Brak & Red

Sanction – Val Mokk, Sela Cole, Allen Trel, Lorraine Weller & George Skard

With a majority vote the chairs have voted to officially sanction the Adventurers Guild.

The vote will now pass to the Seats of the Vendel League a majority vote there will make the adventurers guild an official part of the Vendel League.

The Rum Barrell - Murderers Roam Free in Kirk
Front page of the latest issue

Under the pretence of peace but in the name of profit Murder has been deemed legal in the streets of Kirk.

To maintain the status quo and to keep the wheels of capitalism moving Val Mokk has declared an amnesty on all crimes committed since the assassination of Magnus Desaux du Montaigne.

The Montaigne nobleman was of course avenged by the gallows but what of the people of Kirk whose lives were damaged by the madness caused by the Swordsman’s Guilds entitled thugs and the Merchant’s Guilds hired goons.

What about the murder of Erl Rasmussen by the hands of the swordsman’s guild chief assassin.

The simple answer it would delay trade and inconvenience the wealthy too much.
Guilders must flow and the peoples health and safety are secondary concerns at best. Mokk has proven this today.

Kirk Chronicle - Martial Law declared
Blood on the streets

The Vendel League have declared a state of Martial Law in Kirk following the death of Magnus Desaux du Montaigne.
Magnus was a guest at Linnae Knute’s tournament of potential. The tournament came to an abrupt end when Magnus was shot in the back.
Sources from within the Town Guard have confirmed that one of Erl Rasmussens students is suspected of the murder.

Tensions between the Swordsman’s Guild and the Rasmussen School have always been high in Kirk.
After the murder of the Swordsman Guilds founder sources within both organisations are fearing all-out war on the streets of Kirk.

Throughout the day small fights broke out across the city with Swordsmen and Pistoleers filling Kirks jails and hospitals. There were no more deaths till a group of Rasmussen attacked the head of the Razors Alvhilde Saukkosdottir af Skadesfolk. Miss Saukkosdottir is recovering from her injuries but her assailants were killed.

Sailor’s guild marines and hired mercenaries have been deputised by the town guard to help prevent any escalation of violence.

Kirk Chronicle - Failed Inquisition Plot
Religious extremists foiled


Member of the Vaticine Inquisition sought to use St Simon’s as a place to spread their violent campaign of madness across Kirk.
Thankfully due to the actions of the Kirk guard and a few concerned citizens their plot was foiled before it could begin.
One of the inquisitors survived and is set to go on trial this week.


The new head of the Alchemist’s Guild Tala Jónsdóttir has been turning heads with her arrival in the league and keen fashion sense. this week however she showed her generous side by offering to pay for all the damage done to St Simon’s by the Inquisition.


Master Knute’s open tournament is set to begin this month. Linnae has confirmed that swordsman guild membership is not required but that master swordsmen are forbidden from taking part in the tournament.


Master Noval has denied plans to open new stores. The master watchmaker has stated that more stores will not help them keep up with the increasing demand but that he was working hard to train new apprentices to hopefully lower the waiting list for Kellos-Noval timepieces under 6 months.


The Explorer’s Society have praised the efforts of the 12 members that were killed in last weeks violent robbery.
Their bravery prevented the rarest and most precious of works falling into the hands of criminals.

In Saving Skard
Debrief from Typ

Adventurers your actions at the Althing have helped prevent chaos from running over these lands.

George Skard is perhaps the most beloved man in Vendel his death would have guaranteed a war.
His survival ensured his mission of peace was a successful one. Tensions among our people have quietened down while sadly temporary it is a welcome reprieve and gives us a chance to prepare for the future.

A future of peace among our people is possible but we will have to work very hard to achieve it and defeat those that seek to destroy it.

We already knew of those within the Vendel League who seek to profit from war and of the Jarls who are so blinded by revenge that peace is not an option.
Now it seems that something much older is also at play. The stones of the Nyrna were not just uncovered and used to attack the league. They were handed out by the Nyrna themselves who wish nothing but death for us all.

We have great challenges ahead of us. Challenges that together we can overcome.


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