Tag: Avalonian


  • Lorraine Weller

    Lorraine was born and raised the third daughter of Avalon country gentry. Her father was mayor of her hometown, and she and her sisters were widely known and well-liked. Lorraine grew into a pretty young woman, and thought of little more than the next …

  • Miles Donovan

    Miles was born in 1624 in a small village in Avalon. His father Oslac was a swordsman and a Master of the Donovan School, just like his father and his father’s fathers before him. Miles is the great great grandson of Geoffrey Donovan, and grew up in the …

  • Dr Vivian Crantham

    A recent addition to the Kirk Explorers Society chapter house. She is only there to pick a team and will soon be leaving to her latest expedition.

  • Lockhart

    Lockhart's Background *Work in Progress* So here I ‘am on the deck of this ship staring out to the Horizon at the slowly growing speck of brown. There is where I will try and start anew. Hopefully. “Heyo. Well if it isn’t my favourite Run-away” Ah the …