The combined might of the Vestenmannavnjar Jarls and the Vendel League went to war with The Great Wyrm

The Wyrm however was not alone and had five mighty champions leading its army of all the dishonoured dead from Hel.

The living runes recruited by the guild had a plan to aid the fight with the Wyrm the only problem was that it required all 25 of them and the 5 fallen runes served the Wyrm.

The adventurers were tasked to seek out the Fallen Runes amid the battle and defeat them.

As the mighty navy approached the shores The Great Wyrm made its presence known. A living avalanche it crashed through the navy freezing and destroying ships in its wake.

The cannons roared combined with the power of all the Vestenmannavnjar Skjæren. Even this was only enough to slow the Wyrms devastation.

The ships landed with the high king and the adventurers being among the first on land they saw the mighty army of the dishonoured dead before them and saw that even if all of there ships landed they would still be outnumbered.
Then the High King Gjæving Asbjornsson used all of his power to allow the honoured dead of Valhalla to fight the battle they had spent centuries preparing for.

With a more even battle the adventurers began there task of finding the champions of the Wyrm.

Kofi found Lidenskap the once passionate champion was reserved and fought defensively the unorthodox style of the Kanu proved too much for the fallen rune and once defeated and freed from the wyrms influence happily joined his brothers.

Gunvald then came across the mighty Styrke. Overpowered in terms of sheers strength Gunvald relied on pure savagery to fell the rune. Who once free headed to the Living runes camp to aid Gåte’s plan

Kjølig unlike her fallen brothers was well aware she was a slave to the wyrm. She however remained powerless to resist its will and apologised to Lukas Dahl as she tried to kill him. Lukas realised he could not defeat her in terms of sheer skill but instead defended against her assault and frustrated her into making fatal mistakes. Then the opportunity presented itself timed his distraction perfectly to allow Kofi to get the killing blow.

Villskap wandered the battlefield obliterating everything in his path till he came across the wounded Lockhart. The rune of fury laughed at the child before him and then became very quite when he found himself powerless against the young Avalonian.
Undetered Villskap grabbed him and poured all of his power in an attempt to burn him to a crisp. Lockhart took advantage and plunged both his daggers deep into the fallen runes neck sending him back to his brother.

With four of the Wyrm’s champion slain the Adventurers regrouped to face Krieg.
Where the conflict had sapped the strength of the heroes it had empowered Krieg.
Krieg fought with every bit skill and strength his legend suggested he had but in the end he fell to the adventurers too.

Krieg then joined the others and for the first time since they gained their power the champions of each of the Vestenmannavnjar tribes were together. Then they sacrificed the power which has made them gods among men all to give this generations heroes a chance at a future.


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