Recruit an Alchemist

The former Master of the Alchemist Guild Jans Ulkopf went mad from exposure to mercury.
Tala Jónsdóttir had kept him secure on her estate with constant care in the hope that he could one day recover.

One night while she was working in her lab in Kirk there was a break in at her property. The carers were assaulted and Jans kidnapped.

Tala desperately wanted him back safe but without exposing his condition to the public. She had heard rumours that Typ Kopman could help and enlisted the aid of the Adventurers.

After some investigating they became aware that some Invisible College alchemists had recently gone missing. The more they uncovered the more it appeared that the Inquisition were behind this.

Late at night the adventurers broke into St Simon’s and ventured into the catacombs below.

They found Jans alive an unharmed happy to be allowed to work again and pleased that his new “patrons” had given him such an exciting challenge. Unaware of what his work could do he only knew he took their old catalyst and made a vastly improved formula.
Lockhart got Jans to the safety of the Alchemist’s Guild while the others went after the inquisition.

At the bottom of the catacombs were three inquisitors, two dead bodies and two prisoners.
After a brutal fight the inquisitors were defeated. Whilst freeing the prisoners it slowly became clear what had happened.

One of them had been turned into a weapon set to destroy kirk if not the entire island. Lukas ended the poor mans life. Saving the city but not without leaving a mark on his conscience.

Recruit an Alchemist

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