Recruit Postma

Viktor has insisted we recruit someone who is an expert in Vestenmannavnjar history and mythology to help defend against some of the darker parts of Vesten folklore.

Bens Postma knows more about the history of the Vestenmannavnjar than anyone not directly linked to the living runes. I have been financially supporting his work for the last few years hoping that his collected work of Vestenmannavnjar bloodlines could help bring our people closer.

I’ve heard from my sources that he needs help tracking something down. Please help him. I don’t want to distract him with a job offer in time of crisis.

Bens recently came across a copy of The Grumfather Cycle, written centuries ago by Leila MacDonald. Written in Thean it was the only known written version of the Living Myth of Vestenmannavnjar. Bens obsessively translated it and when he was finally ready to take his manuscript to print it was stolen.

Typ sent the adventurers to assist Bens in the hope that he could recruit him.
Bens informed the adventurers that someone had been printing his manuscript but had edited all of the names of the Vestenmannavnjar heroes. This would have been seen as a direct assault on the old ways by the Jarls and resulted in open warfare.

Lukas quickly discovered the print job was being done in Västeras by a printer named Jans Oddi.

Oddi’s print shop was surprisingly well guarded with Montaigne mercenary’s and Vendel rune mages.
Lukas and Hakon fought the mercenaries and provided a distraction for Lockheart to reclaim the manuscript.

After a hard fought battle the mercenaries were defeated and the print shop razed. Wounded the adventurers returned to Västeras to recover and sail back to Kirk.

As the ship was preparing to leave Västeras came under attack be a giant Vesten. Claiming to be Grumfathers wrath made flesh he indiscriminately killed everything in his path with the clear intention of ending the lives of everyone in the Vendels second city.

He stood over 7 foot tall and as broad as 2 men holding 2 massive battle axes his skin covered in each of the the 24 runes glowing brightly red and his eyes had a dim glow of blue light. Hakon saw this and the stone around his neck. Despite his fear of this force of nature and the devastation he was causing Hakon threw his axe with everything he had.

The axe inscribed with the rune of the Warrior Krieg hit the stone causing both to be destroyed. The Vesten passed out just as Toril had in Sodermanvarman the man had noticeably shrunk in size. Hakon quickly got him aboard the ship and departed in the chaos.

Recruit Postma

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