Saving Skard

The Bodilsfolk hold an annual althing in Thingvallavatn and invite every prominent jarl from across the islands.

For the first time since the formation of the Vendel League a league chair is also going.
Master George Skard of the brewer’s guild decided to go in the hopes of bridging a gap between vendel and vesten. Armed with several hundred barrels of beer.
While many Vesten Jarls and high placed Vendel League members approved of this there are a few those who do not want peace.

From within the Vendel League six assassins were hired to kill Skard and begin a war.
Thankfully the Adventurers Guild became aware of this and sent all of its members to save Skard.

One by one the assassins were discovered and put down.
The Crossbow specialist trained by the Höpken School.
The Pyrem mage disguised as a cat.
The swift daggers of the Boucher trained Montaigne.
The Villanova swordsman never got to unsheathe his poisoned blade.
The Boli Kollson trained Lærdom missed his target and fell to the crowd.
The Cappuntina trained assassin came closest to hitting her target but ultimately Skard was saved.

Whilst the assassins made their attacks something darker lurked among the Vestenmannavnjar.
The Nyrna Dyr also wanted the Althing to be a failure and sent several Gervalp to kill its defenders.
While Dyr was compelled to retreat she did threaten to unleash much worse in the future.

Saving Skard

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