The Lost Rune and Ruin

Joseph Volker is willing to side with the adventurers but he needs something done first.

" When I first made my way here to discover exactly what Imperator Reifenstahl had left for me. My ship was attacked by Vesten raiders and I has held hostage. If not for Master Trel‘s men rescuing me I’m sure the league would have had to pay a heavy bounty for my release. Whilst held captive one of the raiders told me something. He said “Your Imperator didn’t commit suicide. The Living Rune Herje murdered him.”

The Reifenstahl I knew would never have taken his own life. So I spent a lot of time and resources to finding out if the Vesten had killed the Imperator. Now I know about Herje and how he leaves nothing but sorrow in his path a curse that perhaps he is not responsible for but one that he is continually inflicting on my homeland.

He is hiding from people in the Undying Swamp of Heilgrunds land and his curse has created a monster and a disease that is destroying the lives of those who live near. Remove this curse from my homeland and you will have my support."


On the ship to Eisen were hit by a fierce storm that threw them off course then immediately becalmed forcing them to land on The Wanderer’s Throne a round island little more than a mile in diameter. There they found a Blonde haired Vesten covered in knot-work tattoos.

“Ah visitors, sadly not a great day for it no Valkries today, even the spirits are keeping themselves hidden. Just muttering from them today I’m afraid. Still there are a lot of you, certainly more than he usually lets visit you even have a ship off the coast. I wonder why he brought you here. Do you even know?

Wait … you can see me?

Oh this changes everything. I’ve been praying for him to revisit his throne in a futile attempt to learn his plan and then you all arrive and you can all see and hear me.

How? Wait the shadow it returned and you slew it. The great Wyrm is not far behind and at last I can help my people.

My name is Gåte and I will help you however I can."


With Gåte now accompanying them the adventurers arrived in Eisen and went straight to the Undying Swamp.
There they were attacked by The Verschlingen and Viktor Lorentz was killed.

After the giant albino snake was killed the adventurers found Herje who was calmed thanks to Gåtes influence and both runes accompanied the Adventurers back to Kirk.

The Lost Rune and Ruin

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