The Adventurer's Guild

Champions of the Wyrm

Five Fallen Heroes

In the halls of the Vendel League all seats had been assembled to discuss the emergency vote that could start a war.

Five Vesten warriors entered the hall after killing the leagues guards.

" I am Krieg
The Wyrm has brought us back from Valhalla to serve as its champions. Consult your seers and spirit talkers and know my words ring true.
You are less than a shadow of a great people serve and gain a life with purpose.
The Great Wyrm offers you one chance to supplicate yourselves.
You are invited to The Wyrms Althing.
Serve or Die."

During Kriegs speech Kjølig unrolls a scroll and pins it to one of the halls pillars with her knife.

The Vendel League have been given a deadline.


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