The Adventurer's Guild

The God of Sodermanvarman

A Child's Tale

The man came and told us about the goddess. How she could keep us all safe and make us strong.

Most of us knew better and stayed away but Jakob went with them. We all had nothing but Jakob had an accident and couldn’t move his right arm any more he was desperate.

We were worried about him but we didn’t tell anyone. Then after two days Jakob came back he looked great, he had been well fed and his arm was better. He was stronger than he had been stronger than all of us. So when he said the Goddess still wanted meet us we went.

She was kind and caring and gave each of us a stone. None of us felt hungry or sick anymore. We were all faster and stronger and she never asked for anything in return.

During the day we did whatever we wanted and at night her fire kept us warm.

Then you turned up and we tried hurt you. We didn’t want to but she made us.

I saw what she really was then. I know its dead but I don’t feel safe anymore.


JayDGee JayDGee

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