Tala Jónsdóttir

Master of the Alchemist's Guild


When in the lab Tala is dressed all in white with her hair carefully tied up. Always focussed on her work rarely acknowledging anything else.

At League meetings or essential social functions she is dressed in the finest the tailors guild can offer. A social butterfly who makes quick friends of everyone she meets.


The former head of the guild Master Jans Ulkopf’s work with mercury drove him mad and almost cost the Guild their place in the League.
The Alchemists Guild struggled to find someone capable and willing to represent them.

Tala has reluctantly accepted on the condition that she not have to attend any unnecessary meeting and that the guild will hire clerks for most of the administrative work required of the position.

Tala’s place is in the lab but will play politician if she must to secure resources for her work and for the guild.

In the lab she works to safely recreate Ulkopf’s work. In the the league she works harder to repair the damage his madness caused.
She owes a lot to her mentor and doesn’t want his illness to have destroyed decades of work.

Tala Jónsdóttir

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