Master Lukas Dahl

Upon returning from the battle with the Wyrm, Lukas wanted to do nothing more than take time to recover from the impossible things he had seen and the damage done to his body.
Progress however waits for no man.

Typ retired as the head of the Adventurers guild and Lukas reluctantly took over.
At the head of the guild responsible for defeating the Wyrm, Lukas found himself at the centre of Vendel politics.

With the Sailors Guild navy destroyed the Vendel League struggled to maintain their economic dominance. With the loss of Lærdom the Vestenmannavnjar struggled to survive the winter.

Lukas helped create an uneasy alliance between the two factions with the simple truth that was proven when they fought the Wyrm. Together they could accomplish great things. Divided they would fall.

A year into the uneasy alliance Lukas awoke to find his eyes had a slight amethyst glow.
He was among the first of the new Skjæren that would help usher in an age of a united Vesten people.

Master Lukas Dahl

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